Divers find HMS London

>>> Divers find HMS London

Divers discover amazingly preserved shipwreck of HMS London on bottom of Thames

The largest-ever post-war salvage operation on the Thames has discovered seven shipwrecks up to 350 years old.

They include a warship that was blown up in 1665, a yacht converted to a Second World War gunboat, and a mystery wreck in which divers found a personalised gin bottle.

Pretty neat… history and boats and England all in one article!

Make sure and follow the link for some slick pictures.

Staten Island Boat Graveyard

>>> Staten Island Boat Graveyard

It seems like many of us are attracted to boats at the sad ends of their lives. Wrecks, abandoned hulls, whatever. Urban exploration has grown more popular, or at least with the Internet its easier to share these intrepid adventurers’ travels.

This photo collection is a great set of pictures of a bunch of early 20th century boats that are way past their glory days.

Traversing through the rusted hulks of these ships was a pretty incredible experience! The weather was great and the water was calm (although a little stinky, there is a lot of polluted muck in the harbor). I have seen this place from the shore once before, and it is nothing compared to being right in there… the ships themselves are in terrible shape structurally, but I would’ve liked to climb around a lot more if I had more time over there!

This was another nice break from the hospitals, and completely different… I like how these photos came out and enjoyed taking them.