Hoopy Wooden Bicycle

>>> Hoopy Wooden Bicycle

From our friends over at WoodenWidget:

It’s not a boat (make sure and check out their dinghy plans while you’re there – it was my first boat build), but looks like a lot of fun.

Wonder about using a CNC to cut that frame… I’ll have to ask 🙂

The Hoopy wooden bicycle. It might look complicated to make but the frame can be marked, cut out and glued ready for varnish in just two days. The box section frame is immensely strong yet only weighs 3 kilos.

The Hoopy is a ‘one size fits all’ bicycle but the seat can be raised or lowered during the build if required. It can carry two with ease and will make you friends wherever you go. It’s also great to ride. Surprisingly fast and very comfy.

Most of the parts needed to build a Hoopy are easily available secondhand or can be salvaged from old bikes.

Tall Ship Miraka

>>> Tall Ship Miraka

Pretty ship… Buy your very own pirate ship 🙂

Tall Ship Miraka

Vintage Pirate Ship For Sale S/V Miraka Fully Restored Classic Sailing Vessel S/V Miraka – all teak, 57′ LOA (40′ on deck) square tops’l, stays’l, ketch, completely restored.

American Marine (Grand Banks) built in Hong Kong 1961 Hugh Angleman/Charles Davies design Mayflower Ketch

Foldak – 12 foot folding canoe

>>> Foldak – 12 foot folding canoe

Wooden Widget has added the Foldak, a 12 foot folding canoe.

The Foldak is an easy to build 12 foot folding canoe. Like the Fliptail it consists of a central keel, drop down floors, four hoops and a reinforced PVC skin. It unfolds in less than a minute and all the pieces needed to assemble it are always attached so you won’t arrive at the water’s edge missing a vital piece. It is stable, tracks well yet is easy to turn. Designed to be used with either a single paddle or a double kayak paddle.

Ballentine’s Boat Shop, Inc.

>>> Ballentine’s Boat Shop, Inc.


Here’s a classic boat shop that just screams "beautiful" to me. Even the buildings have that great New England charm to them. Make sure and check out the site for all the pictures of classic wooden craft.

Ballentine’s Boat Shop (BBS), established in 1974, is tucked away in Cataumet, Massachusetts. We front not a harbor or bay, but a cranberry bog. BBS has grown, at this same location, from a one-man shop with one small building to a facility with 5 large efficient buildings and a 10 to 13 person staff skilled in woodworking, yacht finishing, rigging, and bronze fabrication.