MarCo Nautical Creations

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With a slogan like "Mahogany Meets The Microchip", how can you go wrong? Some nice little boats, not necessarily fancy, but well done, with nice accessories. Some good information on the build methods also.

At MarCo Nautical Creations we build unique, personalized watercraft that combine the beauty and craftmanship of the wooden boats of yesteryear with the technology and design advances of the 21st century. Modern amenities with a classic look. We currently offer four base models that can be custom built to your specifications on wood type, color patterns and various design features. We also offer a wide range of technological options including LED lighting, solar power and blue tooth audio. Click on one of the links below to begin designing your one-of-a-kind dream boat. You can also contact us about a completely original build- the only limitation, is your imagination.

Mahogany Heart Throbs

>>> Mahogany Heart Throbs

Mahogany Heart Throbs

Dale Hamilton of Boomslang Boats, Inc. in Murfreesboro, Tennessee is building modern mahogany runabouts reminiscent of the classic Hacker, Ditchburn and Chris Craft. Some really gorgeous looking boats.

About me: Boomslang Boats Inc is a one man boat building shop in the civil-war battle site town of Murfreesboro, Tennessee. I learned my craft by building ultra light mahogany epoxy-glass composite racing shells. I take these same techniques to building mahogany runabouts which are MUCH more exciting- in fact they will set your heart to throbbing. The boats are hand made from start to finish by one pair of hands and it generally takes the best part of a year- although I’m getting faster.

Newfound Woodworks

>>> Newfound Woodworks

Newfound Woodworks

We had a call-out to Newfound the other day, but I wanted to mention the company as a whole.

A neat looking, New England company dedicated to high quality small craft. They have plans, materials, tools and kits among their offerings.

We at the Newfound Woodworks are dedicated to providing the highest quality materials to make what we consider to be the most beautiful boat designs available. We prefer strip building so even though we now produce stitch and glue plywood kayaks, we really like our Hybrid construction method. Your purchase of our products is only the beginning of our relationship. We have produced two videos in DVD format to provide a wealth of information. We are happy to answer questions by e-mail and telephone. Since we also build boats, we know how to get you through the process.