Windterra’s Residential Roof Turbine

>>> Windterra’s Residential Roof Turbine

This isn’t necessarily boat related (unless you have a pretty large boat, in which case it might work ok), but I wanted to point it out. This vertical design has several aspects that make me think they would also be good on a boat:

  • Wind can be from any direction without the device having to rotate
  • Turns at lower speed for given output, saving vibration and noise
  • Designed for lower average speeds instead of peak load speeds to maximize annual power output
  • Similar output as solar with a much lower cost (I’m not sure if they mean output for a given size, location, or what, but the lower cost is nice)

This is one of the first "packaged", off the shelf devices I’ve ran across that you can actually just go out and buy.

Windbelt – Cheap Generator Alternative

This Popular Mechanics blurb shows a really neat design for getting electricity from wind. It’s designed for low wind speed, low cost applications, but looks to me like it could be really nice on a boat. Low cost (always good), low wind requirements, I would expect it to be fairly quiet, and no moving blades to hit you in the head.

Third-World Wind Power: First Look