craigslist searching – search multiple sites at once

>>> craigslist searching – search multiple sites at once

I mentioned searching craigslist for a trailer and wanted to point out a tool I found helpful.

Craigslist has lots of neat stuff, but it geared around local area searches. When craigslist started and they only covered a few areas, this made a lot of sense, especially if you are looking for something that would be impractical or uneconomical to ship.

Craigslist has since been growing, and they have separate sites for lots of cities. In my case I was looking for a trailer. I’m willing to drive some distance to find a good deal, so I would need to search multiple craigslist cities for the same thing. Searchtempest will let you enter your search and give a "all within XXXX miles" and then opens a window with the search results for each craigslist citysite that meets your criteria.

Not affiliated in any way, and don’t really know anything more about them, other than that it saved a lot of work performing some searches for me. Might be worth a shot.

Blog sites

Its pretty popular to have a web page or cruising log (blog) online to keep family, friends and the world at large up-to-date with your cruising plans, etc. If you are familiar with web publishing, no big deal. If you’re not, this is an entirely different world to learn. There are domain names to obtain (if you want), hosting plans, software choices, etc. There are easy and hard solutions to all of these.

Some options include doing it all yourself, paying for a hosting provider, paying (or getting a friend) to develop a web page, or use one of the new, popular Blog services (such as Blogger) that lets you host a blog on a server for free. Also consider how you want to host pictures. Many boaters enjoy photography and nature grants them a beautiful and always changing subject. This leads to a desire to post many of these pictures, either for sale or just for others to enjoy. A few pictures naturally can accompany a blog or web page, but if you keep many online, you start needing gallery software… something else to learn 🙂

I have offered to host at least a few building/cruising blogs here on Craft a Craft as a way of paying the community back for what I’ve gained from you all… if you are interested, drop me a note. If you want a more in-depth page, a gallery, or something else let me know and I can do that too. Alternatively, there are some other sites that are popular with some of the boating/sailing world. This is not an endorsement of any of these… just a reference to some that I’ve found (some free, some for pay). I would advise you to check the rates carefully on any for-pay deal you decide to enter into… there are a wide range of prices and services available out there.