Ordered MDO

I know most everybody has probably given up on me, but I do still exist… Through a wide variety of reasons we won’t get into, the boat build stalled. Anyway, I managed to finally track down a new source of MDO today. A local sign supply shop that I didn’t even know existed has it, for a reasonable price and free delivery. It’s supposed to show up next Wednesday.

I don’t think I will ever understand the number of places that won’t sell to you just because you aren’t a business. I mean, money is money, you would think they would want to take mine.

4 Years…

Sorry, due to a blog mistake, this didn’t appear to the world when it should have.

Yes, I’m still alive… I know it seems like I fell off the planet, but we’re still out here.

4 years ago today I ordered the plans for my Mark V 28 and started down an interesting path. Good progress for a while, then had to take some time off for other pieces of life for a bit.

Anyway, thanks to all that have hung around and watched this and look forward to seeing where it takes me next. Next item on the agenda is getting the trailer finished up and the boat on the trailer, so maybe it can find its way to water.


Not a bad looking boat if I do say so myself 🙂

Cabinet top


Dane and I spent a little while and got the cabinet top set in place in the boat. Originally our bathroom had an 8′ long countertop with a sink at each end. It’s been sitting on our front porch (yeah, that looked really good) and needed to be moved.

It was VERY heavy, which meant just picking it up and moving it wasn’t a trivial task. My plan had been to try to use the center, non-sink section in the boat anyhow, so might as well cut it up and make smaller pieces.

A metal cutting blade in the jigsaw did fairly well cutting it. I needed to have supported it a little better (it broke right at the last on one cut, taking a small chunk out), but it’s fine.

Two things I learned about "fake" Corian style countertop:

  1. Wear a dust mask if you are cutting it. I didn’t. The dust smells of a burning plastic, and now my sinuses are not real happy.
  2. It warps. In the 2-3 weeks propped up on the front porch in hot weather, the counter had developed a twist. I think it will probably settle back out, so we put it in place and will let it bake a little while and see if it comes back flat.

Time = 1 hour

Guess what?!


Remember that great idea I had of using the cabinets we removed from our bathroom as the galley cabinets in the boat?

And then I figured out that maybe that wasn’t such a good idea, because they wouldn’t fit through the door?

Well, I was wrong (or right, or some combination). They did fit through the door!

I started by taking the back off of one of them (which is a somewhat destructive endeavor with these pre-fab cabinets). Figured then we could wiggle it around the door frame.

Melanie and I gathered it up and took it out to the boat and found that it went right through the doorway. It was close, but it made it.

Given that I had messed up the back and it didn’t want to go back on, I trashed that one and moved the other one in place. Trimmed the originally installed cabinet support panel down to fit the cabinet and it’s about there. Need a couple of “legs” to mount the front corners and I think it will work nicely.

As you can see from the picture, I mounted one of the wall cabinets on the aft bulkhead. I’ll need to put some latch hardware on to keep all the doors and drawers shut, but that shouldn’t be bad.

Time = 1 (very hot) hour

Galley cabinets – maybe, maybe not

Well, mentioned the other day that I should now be set with cabinets for the galley area.

Found a sticking point… they are too big to go through either cabin door. I guess I’ll have to take them apart and reassemble them.

Note for boatbuilders… if you intend to use pre-fab units of any sort, not only do you need to make sure the boat will go out the garage door, but also that the cabinets, etc. will go IN the boat door 🙂

On a positive note, the tile in the bathroom (in the house) came out nice. I’ve never laid tile before, so I’m impressed 🙂


Wonder how tile holds up to the flexing of a smaller boat… probably not great.

Kitchen cabinets

Well, we’re remodeling our master bath in the house (I really needed another project, but…).

Anyway, this will have the benefit of freeing up some old cabinets, and even a countertop, that I am planning to use for the kitchen/galley area in the boat… I’ll try to grab some pictures, but I think using a pre-built cabinet with drawers, hardware, etc. sounds like just the thing 🙂

Sag no more

Well, I don’t think the front cabin roof will be sagging nearly as much after today.


Dane and I got out in the VERY hot afternoon sun and built two "trusses" of curved plywood with a sidepiece. The plans have a design for the correct roof curve, so we used that, jacked things up put them in place.


Put a side piece of 2×2 on each to keep them from twisting or warping… looks like it will work. The plans allow for the cabin height to be raised a little, which I did for better headroom. This makes clearance with these crosspieces no issue at all, unless you are awfully tall.


Time = 2 hours

Sagging roof

Sorry I haven’t been around much recently… yet again life intrudes in the best laid plans. Regretfully, our family has been dealing with the illness and apparent imminent death of a close relative, so I may yet be on and off a bit.

Did manage to go clean up a bit and look over the boat this afternoon. Noticed one worrisome thing… the roof is sagging.

The area near the front and the rear of the cabin where the front and rear walls, the head and the "kitchen bulkhead" are available to provide some support, its fine, but in the center of the longer span of the cabin, its sagging.

I believe the side walls are pushing out slightly allowing the roof curve to droop.

I jacked it up to get it back "in shape" so it will better repel the ever-present rain we are getting… I’ll have to think and look further on if there is some remediation I need to do. A simple cross-joist attached to the side cabin verticals with the appropriate curve seems easy enough and should work.

Time = 30 minutes