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Castle Narrowboats offers a selection of holiday rental/for hire boats, including some electric craft. I haven’t ran into electric canal boats in my surfing, that I recall, but it seems to be a great fit. They get about 18 mile range. On the narrow canals, you have smooth water and slow speeds anyhow, and a hull design that can carry some batteries.

Castle Narrowboats offers you the choice of our fleet of modern, comfortable, diesel or electric narrow boats, in which you can enjoy as much – or as little – of the canal as you please. Weekly hire or short breaks, either over a weekend or mid-week, are available.

Missing boat/person

The Canal World forum sent out this note… if you know anything, please help them out!

Nb Holly, a 47ft hire boat from Middlewich Narrowboats was collected by a single male hirer on 9th March 2007 and due to return to base on the 23rd March. The boat did not return and there is now very serious concern for the welfare of the hirer. There has been 1 unconfirmed sighting of the boat heading from Wolverhampton locks towards Birmingham (20th March) and nothing has been seen of the boat or hirer since.

This does not appear to be a normal theft of a narrowboat as the hirer has left a car at the boat yard, paid by a credit card registered to his home address, and it appears that no-one has been inside his home address since the 9th of March.

I would be very grateful if all members could keep an eye out for this boat. If see / have seen it please contact Middlewich Narowboats on 01606 832460 or contact Cheshire Police on 01606 480000 quoting incident 421 24/03/2007.

A picture of the boat can be seen in this thread: http://www.canalworld.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=8050.

Many thanks for your help,

Jon Belcher
Site Host