Westwind Tugboat Adventures

>>> Westwind Tugboat Adventures


With a 1941 built tugboat, they offer cruises in the Pacific Northwest.

Cruise the Inside Passage of B.C. and experience some of the most exotic scenery in the world and enjoy British Columbia salmon and halibut fishing that is second to none.

Our 1941 heritage wooden Tugboat, the MV Parry is lovingly maintained and beautifully appointed with comfortable two berth cabins, fireside lounge, spotless bathrooms and showers plus a busy galley serving unbelievable food and desserts. Creature comforts are provided with bathrobes, extra pillows, hairdryers and a complimentary selection of wines from around the world.

Trailer Cruising – Mad Marinerâ„¢

>>> Trailer Cruising – Mad Marinerâ„¢

Mad Marinerâ„¢ had a recent article on Trailer Cruising featuring an Alaskan Trader tug named Popeye. This is a neat little 24′ tug style craft that the owners use to cruise during the summers. Two "related articles" or sidebars cover Trailerable Boats and Rough Weather and The ‘How To’ of Trailer Cruising.

A trial subscription to the site is available which gives you full access to try it out, or you can purchase a yearly subscription for a modest fee.

For full disclosure, I write some paid articles for Mad Marinerâ„¢.

Tubby Tug – Abby’s Lil Tug

>>> Tubby Tug – Abby’s Lil Tug

KB’s recent comment about his Lil Woody leads us to his new project, a Glen-L designed Tubby Tug for his daughter. These are cute little boats that I looked at in the past… I think it would be a great "father/child" project for those wanting something a little smaller than the project I bit off 🙂

KB has a nicely detailed set of web sites, and the pictures and commentary are great learning tools. I appreciated his opinions of epoxy thickening… that’s a subject that I haven’t found enough information on yet 🙂

A good rule of thumbs when mixing epoxy and silica is that if you wonder if it is thick enough – it isn’t. It will run and sag if not thick enough.

One website said to mix the epoxy and silica to a consistency of peanut butter. BUT, is that warm peanut butter or peanut butter that you just pulled out of the fridge? Is it the consistency of Skippy or Peter Pan? – October 4, 2007

KB’s planning for electric drive, so he’s fitting in here more and more.

Thanks, KB for your post and great web site! By the way, I’m well aware of those little one’s holding you to your promise to build a boat…. been there and doing that 🙂