Folding Bicycles

A common problem for liveaboard and cruising boaters is how to get around town when you have reached a layover destination. Sometimes you are just wanting to anchor out and not be bothered by the world, but often you want to tour a town, see the sites, or just pick up a quick bite that you didn’t cook yourself.

A common solution is a bicycle. An inexpensive bike can get you miles down the road in reasonable speed and comfort (at least depending on the weather), and properly equipped can even haul some packages. As an extra, you get some much needed exercise 🙂 If you are looking for less exercise, check out these electric bikes.

A downside is the fact that bikes can take a fair amount of room and seem to be ungainly when "parked" at best. They always fall over, have handlebars sticking out at odd angles, and the pedals are designed to tear the skin off your legs and ankles.

This article in the San Francisco Chronicle (a town big on bicycles) covers the world of Collapsible Bikes. Written a few years ago, it still has some good information and the companies and contacts listed at the bottom are a good start if you want to research these bikes.

Having a (rather odd looking, sometimes) bike that you can fold up and stick in a locker or other out-of-the-way location might be just the ticket.

A couple of referenced manufacturers: