Underwater Thruster – Kickstarter

>>> Underwater Thruster – Kickstarter

Underwater Thruster - Kickstarter

If you’re familiar with the idea of ‘crowdfunding’ then you’ve heard of Kickstarter before. Its a site where people make proposals and seek funding for interesting ideas. If they succeed, the backers get what was agreed upon… sometimes (often?) they do, sometimes not, but the batting average is pretty good. I’ve gotten a couple of interesting things that I backed on Kickstarter in the last couple of years.

Anyhow, the T100 looks like a really interesting idea. A rugged, affordable underwater thruster. Designed for robotics and ocean exploration.

We designed the T100 for:

  • Makers and Hobbyists who are interested in marine robotics but can’t find capable, affordable hardware.
  • Students and Schools who can use the T100 for educational projects or to compete in competitions such as the AUVSI RoboSub and RoboBoat competitions.
  • Professional Users who want a high-quality thruster that is more capable than many of the high-end (expensive) alternatives.

Deep Flight Submersibles

>>> Deep Flight Submersibles

Deep Flight

Graham Hawkes is building the DeepFlight Super Falcon, which is a cross between a submarine and an airplane. Its a sub, obviously, but it "flies" underwater, using aircraft type control surfaces, etc.

He has a goal to actually do a loop (loop upside-down) in Lake Tahoe soon. This will apparently be a first for a submarine.

Fox News has an interview with Hawkes where they discuss the craft a bit.

Neat looking.


>>> OpenROV


Underwater ROV’s (Remote Operated Vehicles) are growing in popularity and the technology to create your own seems to be getting more and more accessible. This site is a community of builders and enthusiasts that is worth checking out.

OpenROV is a DIY telerobotics community centered around underwater exploration & adventure.

Join the group if you’ve got design ideas, adventure ideas, or just want to join the fun!


>>> U-Boat.net

A friend sent me a link to this incredible resource… if you are interested in boats, submarines and/or WWII naval craft, check uboat.net.

About uboat.net

On this site you will find all the German U-boats of both World Wars, their commanding officers and operations including all Allied ships attacked, technological information and much more. You can also browse our large photo gallery and thousands of U-boat books and movies. While hundreds of U-boats were lost some of the boats are preserved as museums today.

We also have a huge section covering the Allied forces and their struggle with the U-boat threat – not to mention the Pacific war. Included there are all the Allied Warships and thousands of Allied Commanding officers from all the major navies (US Navy, Royal Navy, …) plus technical pages and information on the air forces.