Sternwheel Launch Alligator

>>> Sternwheel Launch Alligator


This is an old 1911 issues of "The Rudder" Magazine which is being offered as available to build models, but the plans were originally intended for full size construction apparently. It isn’t know if anyone ever built it.

From the pages of the May & June 1911 issues of "The Rudder" Magazine comes a really unusual vessel – the Alligator, a 42 ft. long, (overall) 8ft. 11 in. beam sternwheel pleasure boat designed by R. M. Haddock. She is really just a big flat-bottomed skiff with sternwheel propulsion. Alligator has a fully enclosed cabin with sleeping accommodations for three, as well as kitchen and toilet facilities.

Rather than offering the plans to any specific scale, the entire two-part article and plans are offered as a set reproduced on seven 11 x 17 in. sheets. The article includes building instructions and all necessary plan views to build the full size vessel. Model builders can have the plans enlarged to whatever scale desired. For experienced real boat builders, the article and plans can be used to construct the full size vessel.