Steel Goliath Build Log

>>> Steel Goliath Build Log

Glen-L has a ton of plans and great resources for the home builder. Their community of builders is a resourceful bunch and posts are worth reading.

"Aero_dan" is an active farmer who is building a Hankinson Goliath (in steel) in his barn. His blog is frequently updated with his latest endeavors.

I really liked the idea of using pipes for chines and having them double as a keel cooler.

Origamiboats: The Art of Frameless Steel Boatbuilding

>>> Origamiboats: The Art of Frameless Steel Boatbuilding

We’ve mentioned various Brent Swain "origami" boat designs over the years, but I don’t think we’ve ever really given pointers to finding his plans.

Mr. Swain doesn’t have a web site of his own, but sells his book and plans via email ([email protected]).

Alex Christie is a videographer who has been involved in boat building for some time, and worked with Brent Swain to video and document the hull assembly of a Swain sailboat. His web site has quite a few pictures and good information, along with a way to order his video if you are so inclined.

Designer-builder Brent Swain is a familiar figure in the Canadian west coast boating scene over the past several decades, with over 100 boats to his design sailing world-wide, ranging from 26′ to 40′ in length. He has cruised the South Pacific extensively for two decades aboard his own self-designed 31 foot twin-keeled sloop of origami frameless steel construction, and continues to live aboard. He is the author of the book, "Origami Metal Boatbuilding," detailing his building techniques and inspiringly simple "do-it-yourself" philosophy.

Origami Boats mailing list archive

>>> Origami Boats mailing list archive

Ben Okopnik, a long-time active participant on theOrigamiBoats mailing list has created a neat online, searchable archive of the list. Might be worth checking out if you are looking for something, or just don’t want to deal with Yahoo’s interface.

Given that I’ve done some email parsing and display work in the past, this isn’t as easy as you might think. Impressive work, Ben!

54 Bolger Pilothouse – “L’Tranger

>>> 54 Bolger Pilothouse – “L’Tranger

One of the largest Bolger designs I’ve ever seen, and definitely the largest I’ve seen actually in the water. Neat looking, although like most Bolgers, a bit different.

Lot’s more pictures at the link.


Type: "Walrus" displacement motorsailor
LOA: 62′ LOD: 54′ LWL: 52′ 3 Beam: 13′ 1 Draft: 2′ Displacement: 66,350 lbs (full load) Ballast: 10,000 lbs lead Designer: Phil Bolger, Gloucester, MA, USA Builder: Syltes Shipyard, Maple Ridge, BC & Paul Albert Construction: Welded Cor-ten steel hull and deck with transom hung rudder and aluminum pilothouse Colour: Burgundy hull, white trim

The boat was designed as a motorsailor in 1998 by Phil Bolger to the owners specifications. It was designed as a one/two person liveaboard Chinese-gaff cat auxiliary, to allow several years of continuous 4 season liveaboard in the sub-arctic climate of the Alaskan coastline and the inland waters of the NW Territories. While capable of offshore and coastal cruising, her major design objective is to facilitate river exploration as well as crossing oceans. She was designed as a survival machine with creature comforts. Over $800,000 has been invested. For more details please contact us. Her present location is in the Fraser river and is available for viewing by appointment.

Virtual Reality welding

>>> Virtual Reality welding

Lincoln Electric has a new virtual reality training system to use for training welders. From what little I have ever welded, it looks fairly realistic. I wonder how the increased availability of this kind of technology will help people learn to weld.

This video shows what the student sees in the construction environment on the VRTEXâ„¢ 360. The student first looks around the environment and then proceeds to weld with the GMAW short arc welding process in the 2F position. Half way down the weld a long CTWD is used and porosity can be seen in the finished weld.