Adhesive Sharkskin

>>> Adhesive Sharkskin

Kind of interesting research into creating an artificial film with a pattern similiar to what sharks have on their skin and using it for parasite and bacterium resistance. They are approacing it from a healthcare and safety standpoint, but I wonder if something similar would work on a boat hull instead of hull paint.


New Ocean Current Discovered

>>> New Ocean Current Discovered

Think there’s nothing new under (or over) the sea? Well, maybe it’s not new, but we’re certainly still learning about the sea (and probably will be for a LONG time to come). Even more special to me since Georgia Tech is my alma mater.

ScienceDaily (May 2, 2008) — Scientists at the Georgia Institute of Technology have discovered a new climate pattern called the North Pacific Gyre Oscillation. This new pattern explains, for the first time, changes in the water that are important in helping commercial fishermen understand fluctuations in the fish stock. They’re also finding that as the temperature of the Earth is warming, large fluctuations in these factors could help climatologists predict how the oceans will respond in a warmer world.

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