Portland Pudgy

>>> Portland Pudgy

Billed as the "World’s Best Dinghy", the Portland Pudgy certainly seems to be an interesting (and tough) design.

Made from rotation-molded polyethylene, it has closed-cell foam filling making it "unsinkable". Easily rightable (they have videos of it being done by a person in the water), it looks like a tough, serviceable boat.

How may dinghys have you seen flying?

A Portland Pudgy was used as a gondola under a bunch of helium filled balloons on an attempted Atlantic aerial crossing. Really.

Sailing Totem

>>> Sailing Totem

This is an incredible blog of a family who moved onto their boat and went away, cruising full time since 2008.

They continue to post about their adventures. Lots of information for those wanting to "sail away" along with lots of tidbits about raising a familiy on a boat.

Welcome aboard!

I’m Behan. In 2008, my family went through a radical lifestyle change. We sold most of our belongings, moved onto our boat, and sailed away from home. With a deep commitment to sustainable living and a desire to live life to the fullest, we’ve been slowly traveling afloat since 2008.

We hope to encourage anyone thinking of taking the leap to live a differently by sharing a slice of the cruising life through inspiring stories, practical tips, and destination information.

Build your own prop

>>> Build your own prop

The folks at SV Seeker are willing to jump in and do most anything, I think (check out there site). THey have built personal submarines and a 74′ steel hulled motor sailer.

This video series shows how they took on casting and creating the blades for their prop, after obtaining a Hundested controllable pitch propeller hub.

Check it out (this is the first of a series of videos).

The Kon-Tiki

>>> The Kon-Tiki

Would you cross the Pacific on a hand-made raft? Thor Heyerdahl and his crew did in the late 1940’s to prove a theory that the South Pacific islands could have been populated from South America, not from Asia as was assumed at the time.

He recreated a potential voyage using materials and technology available in the time of pre-Colombian Peru.

Interesting story… and shows how you don’t have to have all the fanciness we are accustomed to having 🙂

If you don’t subscribe to Today I Found Out I would recommend checking it out… lots of interesting stuff.

Tall Ship Miraka

>>> Tall Ship Miraka

Pretty ship… Buy your very own pirate ship 🙂

Tall Ship Miraka

Vintage Pirate Ship For Sale S/V Miraka Fully Restored Classic Sailing Vessel S/V Miraka – all teak, 57′ LOA (40′ on deck) square tops’l, stays’l, ketch, completely restored.

American Marine (Grand Banks) built in Hong Kong 1961 Hugh Angleman/Charles Davies design Mayflower Ketch

SV Seeker – Building Our Dreams

>>> SV Seeker – Building Our Dreams

SV Seeker - Building Our Dreams

A neat and extensive blog by some folks that will jump in and do anything. They have home built submarines, ROVs (remote operated vehicles – underwater), metal working, etc. Check out the build log of the origami boat for details.

If your interests are in exploration, discovery and adventure then what better than a boat to take you where you want to go. SV Seeker is our 74 foot steel origami hull, junk rigged, cargo, motor sailer. Once completed she will be a part time research/charter vessel and full time home on the water.