Mundoo Mailing List

>>> Mundoo Mailing List

Brian Lowe made a recent comment pointing out that he has started a Mundoo mailing list on Yahoo. If you are interested in these interesting boats, or other similar designs, you might want to join up!

I strongly considered the Mundoo design for my build. The fact that they already have an electric model “working” really enticed me. There are some pro’s and con’s between those boats and the V28 I’m building, for my uses, but please take a look.

Cruiser’s Net – Cruisers Helping Cruisers

>>> Cruiser’s Net – Cruisers Helping Cruisers

A link in the latest PassageMaker Magazine points us to This is a great site by Claiborne Young who has amassed a huge amount of information about cruising in the Southeast United States.

Of particular interest is the set of (free download) ICW Problem Videos. Covering "problem stretches", they suggest alternatives or good routes around some of the hazard areas.

Lastly, they have a page showing how a 80′ masted vessel has been making it down the ICW (Intra Coastal Waterway). They have some heavy (2000lbs heavy) bags of water hung from the mast tops. They let them heel them over until the mast will clear the bridges. Check the pictures… you’ve got to see this to appreciate it.

Classic boats for sale

Our friends over at have pointed out a couple of listings of older boats that are available for sale right now. I normally don’t do many of these, but one in particular caught my eye.

If I was anywhere close (it’s in Lymington, Hampshire, United Kingdom) I would have to try for it, I think. Needs lots of work, but such a pretty boat to me.

Wooden Restoration Project 1940’s

Now this yacht is slowly rotting away in our yard, such a shame as once was someone’s pride and joy.

We are not sure of type or weight but she is 38 feet long, has for and aft cabins, head, kitchen (fitted) and shower. Lots and of teak and brass fittings as well as all other original fittings.

The boat is complete and has all running gear and electrics, the main engine is an BMC Commodore & the Aux engine is Perkins, model unknown (none of which have been tested but will turn over by hand). Please bear in mind this boat would need total restoration and thousands of pounds spent, we feel she is only good for spares.

Been out of the water for a very long time so the wooden hull has shrunk and is no longer watertight.

Viewing is a must and transportation will have to be arranged, we will lift boat on to transport for you FOC.

This boat is taking up valuable space and will have to be removed within 2 weeks of end of the auction, storage is available at normal rates after this time.

The yacht can be viewed at Lymington Yacht Haven, Lymington, Hants. Please call 01590 677073 and ask for Tony in stores to arrange viewing.

Heart of Gold II for sale

>>> Heart of Gold II for sale

Mark Van Abbema is selling his Mark V 39 that he has cruised and lived aboard for 6 years. Looks to be an issue with not sinking the boat 🙂

Living aboard interferes with my compulsive book hoarding habits, I am afraid that I will sink the boat if I get any more books.

This is the boat that started me down my build path, and it has been a great design for several people. Please check it out if you have any interest (the price is great!).

Electric Drive for Tunnel Stern

In the back of my mind was the consideration of using the Atkin’s River Belle design and using an electric drive for propulsion. Its supposed to be an efficient hull form and with the low section of the hull to put battery weight down low should be good for stability.

As it happens, right after posting the previous entry, a thread on the Atkin Boats mailing list covered this very topic.

Seems there is some real concern about the power requirements… as Klaus points out in his comments, the propeller is really a surface piercing prop. The design relies on the power of the engine pulling water into the tunnel to fill it… the posters are holding that this is going to require more power (in essence its a planing boat) than you want to feed with an electric.

Atkin calls for an 80hp motor to make 15 mph.

Don’t know… have to think on this some more.

Atkin’s River Belle

Atkin’s River Belle is the largest of his tunnel hull designs available in plan form to the amateur builder. Its a nice looking River Cruiser type craft, 35′ 3″ x 8′ 10″. A shallow draft boat (17″) its has the classic styling of the turn of the previous century.

Atkin’s tunnel hull is an offshoot of the Seabright Skiff designs, with the addition of a negative deadrise at the stern, forming a “triangular” tunnel around the prop. Some people don’t seem to think that would work well, but most of the ones built seem to show very good performance.

There is concern about “slap” in a rolling motion as the sides of the tunnel come out of the water and go back in, but…

A similar look as Mark Van Abbema’s V39, although with a different hull form.

Carlson’s Biloxi Lugger Alligator

Greg and Kerry Carlson, who sell Plotter/Cutters, and who also produced the Hull Designer program many homebuilders got their start with for automated hull design, now own the Alligator, a 55′ Lugger built a while back… pretty boat.

Shallow draft, good performance, lots of room… Its based on a fishing/shrimping design used around the U.S. Gulf Coast but which has fallen out of favor (like many of the old designs) and you don’t find them any more.

The builder/designer published an interesting writeup (PDF) on the boat’s design and construction.

Reminds me of the various River Cruisers and the hull is highly reminiscent of Atkin‘s tunnel stern craft such as the River Belle.

There’s a set of 4 pictures to a similar craft here.

And lastly the sad tale of a beautiful example of a classic Biloxi Lugger the Starry Night (built in 1928) which sank in the Katrina Hurricane and wound up being lost instead of recovered. The picture shows how pretty this boat was.