Un-Hesive – 3M 5200 remover?

>>> Un-Hesive – 3M 5200 remover?

If you have worked on or around smaller boats any length of time, you have probably encountered 3M 5200 or similar adhesives. This stuff is great… sticky and holds seemingly forever, which is great, until you need to remove it.

Un-Hesive claims to be a remover for these types of adhesives, and in DIY Boat Owner’s review, it did seem to work. Might be worth a shot.

Hunter’s Edge 27

>>> Hunter’s Edge 27

Mad Marinerâ„¢ has posted a review (in their series of reviews… check out the others) of the Hunter Edge 27. This is a slick little boat. Its the first motorsailer of a "new breed" that seems to be coming out. Aimed at a younger crowd who are interested in trailerable boats for quick weekend trips, it aims to appeal to both powerboaters and sail boaters.

The only motorsailer I’ve ever seen with a picture of a water skier behind it 🙂

For full disclosure, I write some paid articles for Mad Marinerâ„¢.

GMC Tools – Great Customer Service!

In my last post I mentioned calling GMC Tools to see about getting planer blades. Monday a representative of theirs called me back and left contact information on my answering machine… from Australia!

I’ve been quite sick and didn’t make the return call yet. Well, just a few minutes ago he followed up and reached me. That is really above and beyond the call, to me.

Ordered replacement blades… be here in a week or two. All talking to a very polite gentleman from Australia. I’ll let you know if the right thing gets here, but so far, they have been exceptional. And all on toll-free US numbers.

Apparently a couple of different brand names are manufactured by this company behind the scenes, so do a bit of research, or you can probably buy direct if you like.

Money = $30.00 US (two sets of blades)