Harbor Freight Buying Guide

>>> Harbor Freight Buying Guide

If you are building or working on a boat, you need tools. Sometimes you need top-end, good stuff. You always want it, but sometimes it isn’t practical to afford it.

Harbor Freight is an often used source of inexpensive tools and gear. Sometimes you get decent stuff, sometimes usable, and sometimes trash. This article is a nice compendium of tools/supplies that people have had good luck with (and a few warnings of things to stay away from).

Is he drowning?

>>> Is he drowning?

Like most of us, you probably assume you know what somebody looks like when they are drowning and/or need help in the water. You may not be right.

Read this article and keep it in mind when you’re near the water. My short version (please read the entire thing for details) is "if they are making noise/can answer questions, they probably are ok… if not, then check on them!".

Not to say that people yelling for help don’t need it… they are often in the earlier stages of distress, but apparently when somebody is really drowning, making noise becomes about impossible. Kind of like asking a choking victim if they are ok… if they can talk or cough, they can breathe.


>>> Sailrite


If you are going to be working on fabric for your boat (sails, bimini covers, cushions, etc.), you may want to check out Sailrite. They sell fabrics, commercial sewing machines and all manner of supplies.

Sailrite is truly a canvas worker’s hardware store. The company’s full product line of nearly 6,000 items is viewable online. As a full stocking retailer of marine fabrics, fasteners, thread, webbing, sail hardware, industrial and semi-industrial portable sewing machines, clear vinyl, awning hardware and do-it-yourself sail/canvas projects you will be able to find everything you need!

NavQuest – Marine Navigation Made Easyâ„¢

>>> NavQuest – Marine Navigation Made Easyâ„¢

Billed as the "Home of Online Marine Trip Planning" this is an interesting site with various boating, scuba and even user uploaded videos and photos. They have lots of navigation "stuff" with interactive charts and other resources that are worth a look. Its not a full navigation suite, but for some route planning and dreaming, it might be just the thing.