The Marchard Knot

>>> The Marchard Knot

A nifty article giving the history and uses of the Marchard knot. A simple way of looping a bit of rope around another rope (or a hose or the like), and using a carabiner to attach it.

Considered one of the simplest auto-jamming knots, it can be used in belaying, abseiling (rappelling), or just hanging a work light.

Knowing knots and their uses is always handy.

Bolt Depot Printable Fastener Tools

>>> Bolt Depot Printable Fastener Tools

We had a link to before which showcased some of their charts and reference materials. They have continued to expand their offerings.

These free printouts could be very handy if you’re trying to identify that unknown bolt or screw.

These ‘lay-over’ charts let you quickly identify fastener types and dimensions by simply matching up your fastener with the printout. The printable fastener tools series also includes general charts and tools for identifying and measuring fasteners, including a ruler and thread gauge.

Navigator Stove Works, Inc.

>>> Navigator Stove Works, Inc.

Our friend Klaus Hafner (make sure and check out his aluminum river boat build) pointed out a book that might be of interest:

Bruce, found and already read this book. The Warm Dry Boat, by Roger McAfee Some very good informations to deal with venting and heating boats, discussing different techniques and efforts. Maybe you are interested to offer, was not possible to get it from Amazon, just a used one for more 100$ I paid incl shipping to Frankfurt ca. 50$
Br, klaus

This is the contact Navigator Stove Works LLC []
Andrew Moore
Navigator Stove Works LLC
509 Double Hill Road
Eastsound, Washington
98245 USA Ph. 360 376 5161

The Navigator Stove Works, Inc. web site referenced looks quite interesting and detailed. Keeping a boat warm and dry always seems to be a challenge. New/good ideas for maintaining your living spaces is something to keep abreast of.

Epoxyworks Magazine

>>> Epoxyworks Magazine

A magazine about building, restoration & repair with epoxy.

Epoxyworks is a publication of West System with lots of articles containing uses and how to’s concerning epoxy. Tips and tricks, safety information and detailed articles about projects (boating and otherwise) are all included. The magazine is available (for free) via mail or online. Back issues are all available online. Worth glancing through if you are dealing with epoxy.  

George’s Canal Boating in the U.K. and Europe

>>> George’s Canal Boating in the U.K. and Europe

I think this is the canonical source of links and information about the U.K and Europe canal system. Hours of reading.

One example I found interesting was the UK Inland Waterway Size Restrictions in English Units – make sure your boat will fit 🙂


Canal Boating in the U.K. and Europe

(with some North American information)

Being an introduction for those unfamiliar with the pleasures of canal and waterway cruising, as well as a resource for experienced boaters.

Nearly 2000 links to canal and waterways related web sites.

Since 1995…
Still comprehensive.
Still non-commercial.