If you like web video and "podcasts", then this might be for you. It’s a video based "blog" or news site, with short videos covering a wide range of boating topics in each post.


The Boaters TV is a 3-5 minute online show delivered in streaming video file format here at The Boaters TV videoblog every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Our show can also be downloaded in podcast from via Itunes and other podcast content aggregator sites.

Upbeat host, Julie Perry (a former luxury yacht crewmember and author of the recently published, The Insiders’ Guide to Becoming a Yacht Stewardess), uses a similar creative model as those pioneered by, MoBuzz TV, and GeekBrief TV.

The difference? Rather than reporting and commenting on general, catch-all topics, The Boaters TV is dedicated to the special interest niche of boating-related stories and news. Furthermore, the show encourages viewer participation and collaboration. The Producers are always looking for user-generated content from the audience.

Launched on Monday, June 18th, 2007, our mini online show covers the hobby (and sport!) of boating in ways that are funny and informative, even awe-inspiring and cutting edge. We feature important and major happenings in the marine world, but also provides a high level of entertainment value with a combination of news, helpful tips, the latest in boat gadgets and gear, maintenance features, exclusive interviews, and even user-generated submissions.

Each episode of The Boaters TV delivers relevant material for all types of boat owners and enthusiasts—cruisers, sailors, fishermen, freshwater and saltwater boat goers, water skiers, boat racing fans, recreational boaters, divers, and those simply intrigued by the boating industry and lifestyle.

Best of all, The Boaters TV’s broadcasts present a way of celebrating the boating lifestyle across all demographic lines—reaching everyone from the weekend boating family on their bow rider to the captain or owner of a luxury yacht!

If you’re passionate about your life on the water, you’ll definitely want to tune in every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to this clever, informative new online TV show.

And we want to hear from you. (It takes a village, people! Or at least a marina.)

Contact us with major boating news, stories, and events. We especially love boat videos!