Another new Fliptail from Wooden Widget

>>> Another new Fliptail from Wooden Widget

Another new Fliptail from Wooden Widget

Wooden Widget has added yet another, longer, 9′ version of their Fliptail design. This gives 6′, 7′ and 9′ versions of this design, along with several other nifty folding boat designs.

Benjy’s Origami design was our first "boat build", which is a surprisingly stable and versatile little boat. The Fliptail looks to be a lighter design (important in this type of boat), that is still stable and usable.

Check the video with the boat on plane.

The Fliptail is the latest addition to the Woodenwidget family. Pretty, functional and easy to build. The Fliptail is a simple folding dinghy consisting of a central keel with two drop down floors, four hinged hoops and a reinforced PVC cloth skin. It assembles in moments and rows and sails extremely well. Tough, light and resilient, with a 3.3hp motor it can also plane at speeds of up to 14 knots! Available in both 6 and 7 foot versions.

Newfound Woodworks

>>> Newfound Woodworks

Newfound Woodworks

We had a call-out to Newfound the other day, but I wanted to mention the company as a whole.

A neat looking, New England company dedicated to high quality small craft. They have plans, materials, tools and kits among their offerings.

We at the Newfound Woodworks are dedicated to providing the highest quality materials to make what we consider to be the most beautiful boat designs available. We prefer strip building so even though we now produce stitch and glue plywood kayaks, we really like our Hybrid construction method. Your purchase of our products is only the beginning of our relationship. We have produced two videos in DVD format to provide a wealth of information. We are happy to answer questions by e-mail and telephone. Since we also build boats, we know how to get you through the process.

Guillemot Kayaks

>>> Guillemot Kayaks


Some really nice kayaks and plans here. They have some plans and designs available for free download, including this slick 3-sheet design, the Ganymede.

There is something especially wonderful about being out on the water in a small wooden boat. The glow of the wood underscores the beauty of your surroundings in a way no other material can achieve. If there is one thing that can make this experience better, it is building that small wooden boat yourself. Guillemot Kayaks specializes in providing this experience to boaters worldwide.

Nick Schade’s boat designs are appreciated and built worldwide. His work has been featured in major magazines, awarded significant prizes, and has found a place in major museums. But most importantly Nick’s boats are at home on the water.

Single sheet steps

>>> Single sheet steps

We’ve seen a variety of single sheet boats, where people see what kind of boat they can build from a single sheet of plywood or the like, but this is slightly different. The plans are for a set of steps built from a single sheet of ply.

I don’t know that in boat-building you are really desperate to save wood in building a set of steps, but the overall design, with the single "foot" treads looks like something that might be neat or useful on a boat. It even has some good "included" storage areas.