Fjord 40

>>> Fjord 40

Mad Marinerâ„¢ magazine hosts weekly photo slideshows of various craft. The Fjord 40 featured this week really caught my eye. I appreciate seeing a commercial boat that doesn’t look like all the others, and even "admits" that a boat can look a bit more boxy and still perform.


You see some alternative designs in the home built world (think Bolger), but not so much commercially. Check out the entire photo collection.

With its unusual, boxy profile and plumb bow, the German-designed Fjord 40 Cruiser dares to be different in a segment of the market crowded with conformity. Its looks might not suit everyone, but the sleekness of its fittings and accommodations – and its ability to perform offshore in a variety of conditions – are likely to quiet critics. And with Volvo Penta IPS engines as standard equipment, a premium is placed on safety, maneuverability and efficiency.

Typhoon class subs

>>> Typhoon class subs


I don’t know that these are really abandoned, although they are obviously not getting quite the maintenance I’m sure they used to. Some massive subs. And to think that these pictures are on the Internet now… imagine the security that used to surround these craft.

Many more pictures (interior and exterior) at the link.

Retired fleet of Typhoon class submarines. The largest submarines ever built, they were, in their day, considered to be the most feared weapon of mass destruction ever created. There are many more photos and some text, in Russian.