Rock Star Mega-ship

CNN has a nice article (with pictures by Gregers Heering) by Thom Patterson covering the Maersk Majestic.

Think about a ship that size with a crew of 19… could get lonely 🙂

Maersk Majestic

Built: 2013

Length: 1,312 feet (400 meters)

Width: 193 feet (59 meters)

Height: 239 feet (73 meters)

Weight: 60,000 tons

Capacity: About 18,000 containers

Cost: About $185 million

Engines: Two

Maximum speed: About 26 mph (23 knots)

Crew: 19

Source: Maersk

The Biggest Ship in the World

>>> The Biggest Ship in the World

The Prelude – maybe not really a ship, but at more than 530 yards long, 80 yards wide, and constructed with 260,000 metric tons of steel, it’s claimed to be the largest floating structure ever.

Stephen Mallon hired a crane and took more than 1,000 separate photos, now published as a composite Photosynth image.

the prelude by jonhuang on photosynth

Seascape Photography Bundle

>>> Seascape Photography Bundle

Many boaters are into photography, and why not, there is so much beautiful scenery around the shorelines. I think the view is a large part of why many people are ‘out there’ anyhow.

The Seascape Photography Bundle is a new set of book that Trey Ratcliff (Stuck In Customs) is publishing.

Surprisingly low price for what I’m sure is a quality set. Check it out.

Photography course

We’ve had several other links to Stuck In Customs photos before (for example). Trey Ratcliff is an incredible artist to me, and has a very engaging manner in his videos.

This series is a "for sale" thing (yes, that’s an affiliate link), but seems pretty good. Photography seems to be a common hobby with boaters (with scenery like you have on a boat, are you surprised?).

You can check out the first lesson for free below and see what you think.

Make your own HDR images

OK, for something a little bit different… we’ve had several pictures from Stuck In Customs. over time. Trey Ratcliff uses a technique called HDR (High Dynamic Range) to process and edit his photos. This gives them their great colors and "pop" which I really like.

He has started offering a course on DVD, either the basic or added value premium. A bit more pricey than what you may be used to picking up, but given the quality of much of his work, I’m betting they are worth it.

(yes, I am an affiliate member, so I will get a cut if you buy through my link)