Mystery Dinghy

Got a "mystery photo" for you today…

And for your answer go see the Stasha!


A few things we know from the guy that passed it to me, or can guess with a close examination:

  • Photo was taken in France
  • About 7 feet long
  • Sail/power/both? Looks like it has pintle mounts for a rudder (sail), but transom is fairly beefy… outboard?
  • Looks like its a nesting design (looks to have a ‘break’ at the midpoint.
  • Rowlocks – normally nesting boats don’t have a good sitting position for rowing, but…
  • No seat evident
  • Translucent skin – fabric?
  • Interesting diagonal supports for the hull form
  • Should be light weight

Anybody want to toss a guess out? Some of the skin-on-frame kayaks seem really neat to me, but haven’t seen it used on a dinghy, especially something that comes apart for storage.

Origami Dinghy – really floats!


It’s been a long time since I posted anything about my first build, the 8′ Origami Dinghy. The boat got a brief trial and then put away in the garage. === If you recall, I don’t live near water, and the last time I was at the lake, we didn’t take a vehicle that would transport the craft. This last weekend we were out on the water with some friends and I was able to take the little boat along. It had handled storage just fine (although like many of us, it hadn’t lost any weight… that’s my main complaint with it, it’s too heavy). We took it out and I opened it up on the front deck of a pontoon boat. Kind of tricky in that space, but doable. Dane and I took it for a little spin, with a short paddle (all that was around). Still a fun and functional boat!

Deckster – the boat with a hole in it

>>> Deckster – the boat with a hole in it

Wooden Widget has released plans for a new, nifty design. Instead of a "folding" dinghy this time, we have a dinghy that you can remove the bow of and nestle it around your mast or other obstacle.

There is a provision to install a Hobie Mirage drive. This is a "pedal" setup that moves two flexible fins below the water. You stay dry (or at least your feet don’t go in the water), but the boat moves.

Looks slick, although the drive is a bit pricey. Plans are very reasonable and from my experience on my previous build, are very detailed and good.

Barquito for sale

>>> Barquito for sale

In the past we’ve had several postings covering the building and use of Barquito. Now David needs to find her a good home.

Check out his site and contact him if you are interested:

Handmade, small craft for day use. One-of-a-kind folding sailboat. This is not a joke. It is a folding boat.

Capacity 300 lbs. Suitable for lakes and protected waters. Fun for one adult, adult and child or possibly two youths. 8 ft long. Can be rowed or sailed. Kept at a cabin near a lake. Sail rig suitable for light to moderate airs. Boat is able to tack, able to make placid progress upwind. Sail rig, Rudder, Dagger board, Anchor, Oars, Fittings included. When folded fits inside a small suv. Wood construction. Good, sound condition. Not suitable for storage in the water. This boat has not been titled or registered. Buyers responsibility Sale will be final.

Have sailed Lake Redman, York. Will demonstrate by appointment. Buyer must pick up at my location at time convenient to me. Reason for sale: Moving to new location, can’t take boat.
Asking $425

More info, pictures and video visit website–post the HTTP into your browser:

Serious inquiry welcomed.
David B.
Contact [email protected]

Natural Light Photography – Art and Origami Dinghy

>>> Natural Light Photography – Art and Origami Dinghy

Another great art/photography site. Lots of incredible pictures.

Also of interest is that there is more than just photography. There are several Articles and other information in the Sailing section.

What got me pointed toward this site was that Angus Beare has built an Origami Dinghy. Check out his thoughts and opinions here.

Floating Origami

>>> Floating Origami

Our friend Benjy over at WoodenWidget has scored another good writeup about his Origami Dinghy. George Delozier, a regular blogger on has provided details on the Dinghy along with several pictures. is a neat site covering "the latest inventions, innovations and interesting ideas?"

One thing I didn’t know is that Benjy and WoodenWidget has started sponsoring a "tree planting" program. For every set of plans you buy, a tree will be planted in Benwickshire, Scotland. I think this is really a slick idea. We boat builders tend to use a fair amount of wood, and rely on its availability. Wood is a great, renewable natural resource, as long as its managed and replanted. So buy a plan, build a boat and get a new tree in the bargain.