Electric Vehicle Council of Ottawa

>>> Electric Vehicle Council of Ottawa


A recent posting on the Electric Boats mailing list points us to the Electric Vehicle Council of Ottawa.

Described as an electric vehicles club, they have a mailing list (a bit hard to find) and apparently lots of hands-on knowledge to share and learn from. They are geared around electric cars, but many of the same issues overlap with the marine world.

British Waterways

>>> British Waterways

British Waterways has a couple of websites covering their organization (they maintain the British Canal system) and a "leisure" site that provides information such as cruising guides, boaters information and other things geared around the use and enjoyment of the canals themselves.

British Waterways is the organisation responsible for maintaining 2,200 miles (3,540km) of this inland waterway network today so that people can use it for a wide range of leisure activities. This is British Waterways’ website, explaining who we are and what we do. For more detailed information on the waterways themselves, and the many ways you can enjoy them, please visit our leisure website www.waterscape.com.

The Waterscape site has some good guides to beginner use of the canals, cycling information and walking trips. It’s a big site.