Sea Shadow to be scrapped

>>> Sea Shadow to be scrapped

Always hate to see a ship scrapped, but I guess the time has to come eventually.

The Sea Shadow was a testbed of the U.S. Navy for stealth ship technologies. She’s been out of service since 2006 and the Navy wasn’t able to find a museum willing to take her on.

Completed in 1985 by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and Lockheed Martin, it was the Navy’s first experimental stealth ship. The Sea Shadow is 160 feet long and 70 fee wide, has a maximum speed of 14 knots and has the ability to operate in Sea State 5 conditions, or winds from 17 to 21 knots. But it was never intended for missions, just for testing.

The Navy in Miniature

>>> The Navy in Miniature


A neat effect (original after the jump) that can be performed with various image editing tools (and a lot of skill) or specialized tilt/shift lenses (and also a lot of skill). Check the link on information and various other links to tutorials and the like.

To me this is a particularly good example, although I may be biased due to the subject matter.

Before modification:


Navy Mark V.1

>>> Navy Mark V.1

The Navy is testing an upgraded version of their 82′ Mark V Special Operations Craft. This is a "go fast" designed to deliver SEAL teams on their missions. The current boat is aluminum hulled and works fine, but is beating the operators and SEALs with up to 20G loads. Injuries and fatigue are issues.

An all-composite version of the aluminum Mark V patrol boat, constructed by luxury boat builder Hodgdon Yachts Inc., is aimed at reducing the wear and tear on boat operators and SEALs by absorbing the impact as the vessel crashes through the waves at 50-plus knots.

This is the opposite end of the design spectrum from my "go slow", small boat.