SV Seeker – Building Our Dreams

>>> SV Seeker – Building Our Dreams

SV Seeker - Building Our Dreams

A neat and extensive blog by some folks that will jump in and do anything. They have home built submarines, ROVs (remote operated vehicles – underwater), metal working, etc. Check out the build log of the origami boat for details.

If your interests are in exploration, discovery and adventure then what better than a boat to take you where you want to go. SV Seeker is our 74 foot steel origami hull, junk rigged, cargo, motor sailer. Once completed she will be a part time research/charter vessel and full time home on the water.

Learning to Weld

>>> Learning to Weld

A good article with lots of links to other additional resources on learning to weld. As with anything, take things you find on the net with a grain of salt, but there’s some good basic information in here, in my opinion.

I will say this Instructable on using an additional piece of carbon rod to "aim" your arc was interesting, anyhow. Although I have done very little welding, I would recommend spending the $40-50 bucks to get an autodarkening helmet. They work incredibly well.

S.V. M.O.M.

>>> S.V. M.O.M.

Carl and Kate Anderson have been building a Brent Swain Origami sail boat for a while. Originally named Moonflower of Moab, they have renamed the craft.

Lots of pictures and details, and of interest is a new Powerpoint/Photo CD they have for sale, covering the entire hull construction in detail.

We have a Photo CD containing over 1900 photos of the hull construction process for sale. We have just added a second CD containing 3 Power Point presentations about the construction & rigging of our mast. This CD also contains the free Power Point viewer program so all can view the presentations.

New Metal Boat Building forum

>>> New Metal Boat Building forum


Our friend Klaus Hafner sent me a link to a new forum site for metal boat builders… seems to be a new community forming, but Klaus says several of the old "warhorses" of the metal boatbuilding world are there already.

The Boat Builders Forum is where you’ll find metal boat designers, builders, and other metal boat owners willing and able to help you with your metal boat project!

Definitely something worth a look. Check our our forums page for other communities you might want to join.


One of the recurring "downsides" I see mentioned by steel boatbuilders is needing to sand (or media)-blast the interior of the craft after construction and before coating/insulating. I can understand this from a logical sense, but it’s hard to imagine exactly what that would be like.

Dirty Jobs is a Discovery Channel show featuring Mike Rowe who goes around the country (world?) and performs various "dirty" jobs. It’s often quite interesting and covers many different cleaning, construction and animal life type jobs that have to be done, but most of us are very glad that somebody else does them.

Anyway, an episode that I saw tonight (Reef Ball Maker) had Mike sandblasting the inside of large metal "frag" or "frac" tanks (used in the oil industry). It very graphically showed just how "messy" and undesirable it would be to be in an enclosed area while you are blasting.

I’m sure some of you could speak from experience, but in some ways this gives a glimpse why epoxy might not be so bad (although I’m still not sure :-)).

Glue instead of Weld?

I have long thought that steel/metal was a great material for boat building. The main reason I’m not building in steel is the different set of tools and skills required. I already have most of what I need for wood construction, but not for metal working.

I also have some knowledge of woodworking, but welding isn’t a skill I’ve ever had the opportunity to learn. I’m sure I could, but do you want to be learning on the hull of your boat? Might be ok, but…

Anyway, one of the things I’ve looked at over the years are the advances in materials bonding (gluing). The automotive (and some marine) industries have used more and more types of chemical adhesives to bond metals over the years. One problem with welding is the heat distortion that occurs, especially with thin sheets. How about if you could glue it?

Gluing would also solve some of the tooling and experience problems. Of course if the glue process is so complicated or resource intensive (specialized tools, etc.) then it would have its own set of problems.

Regardless, over the years I’ve kept my eye out on some of this technology. Recently I was pointed to a discussion on Adhesives vs. Welding. The opening post is an article concerning Lord Structural Adhesivesand their use with metal.

Another site you might check is ITW Plexus, a structural adhesive manufacturer. Their web site covers a lot of different technologies and applications, including marine use.

I know that welding makes two peices of metal one, in essence, but I think that some of the bonding techniques are going to overtake the use of welding in some applications. Aluminum, for instance, which can be difficult to weld and doesn’t seem to always have the same mechanical properties in the joint (hardening issues, etc.) as with steel looks like it might be a good place to consider.

Metal Boat Kits

>>> Metal Boat Kits

From small to large, they have some interesting designs to look at if you are interested in building in Aluminum or Steel.


Welcome to Metal Boat Kits , This site presents the work of the design department of Trident Welding Ltd. 6911 Graybar Rd Richmond BC Canada V6W 1H3 We offer premium quality stock boat kits in Aluminum and Steel , as well as offering Custom Design and Custom Boat Kit creation from suitable plans. Other services include : 3D design , Computer Modeling , Rendering , and Animation. SERVICES TO DESIGNERS AND BUILDERS: Computer Lofting , Fairing Hulls ,Correcting Offsets , Rendering , Kit Creation , 2D Drafting , Marketing