Origami Boats mailing list archive

>>> Origami Boats mailing list archive

Ben Okopnik, a long-time active participant on theOrigamiBoats mailing list has created a neat online, searchable archive of the list. Might be worth checking out if you are looking for something, or just don’t want to deal with Yahoo’s interface.

Given that I’ve done some email parsing and display work in the past, this isn’t as easy as you might think. Impressive work, Ben!

Electric Vehicle Council of Ottawa

>>> Electric Vehicle Council of Ottawa


A recent posting on the Electric Boats mailing list points us to the Electric Vehicle Council of Ottawa.

Described as an electric vehicles club, they have a mailing list (a bit hard to find) and apparently lots of hands-on knowledge to share and learn from. They are geared around electric cars, but many of the same issues overlap with the marine world.

Mundoo Mailing List

>>> Mundoo Mailing List

Brian Lowe made a recent comment pointing out that he has started a Mundoo mailing list on Yahoo. If you are interested in these interesting boats, or other similar designs, you might want to join up!

I strongly considered the Mundoo design for my build. The fact that they already have an electric model “working” really enticed me. There are some pro’s and con’s between those boats and the V28 I’m building, for my uses, but please take a look.

Dinghy Cruising Mailing List

>>> Dinghy Cruising Mailing List

Another Yahoo Groups mailing list that covers a "small boat" specialty… not something I’ve followed, although I’ve recently ran across many links and ideas that refer to this group. Some interesting "outside the box" thinkers, I think. Always good to find the thinkers with the original ideas.

For those who want to build, use and cruise in tiny boats. Discussion of designs, accomodations, rigs, paddles, oars, etc. for voyages aboard small boats–long or short, real or imagined. We’re not so much about the type of boat you have but rather the spirit with which it’s used…

It’s a lively group, cheerfully answering any and all questions promptly and voluminously.

Welcome Aboard!