Newfound Woodworks

>>> Newfound Woodworks

Newfound Woodworks

We had a call-out to Newfound the other day, but I wanted to mention the company as a whole.

A neat looking, New England company dedicated to high quality small craft. They have plans, materials, tools and kits among their offerings.

We at the Newfound Woodworks are dedicated to providing the highest quality materials to make what we consider to be the most beautiful boat designs available. We prefer strip building so even though we now produce stitch and glue plywood kayaks, we really like our Hybrid construction method. Your purchase of our products is only the beginning of our relationship. We have produced two videos in DVD format to provide a wealth of information. We are happy to answer questions by e-mail and telephone. Since we also build boats, we know how to get you through the process.

Scruffie Marine

>>> Scruffie Marine


Scruffie Marine is an Australian company with some neat designs, geared mostly around their "slotted plywood" kits. They provide the frame pieces all cut from marine plywood, ready to slide together. Self aligning and well engineered. The kits include everything you need except glue, or if you like, they will build it for you.

Looks pretty nice (although I really wish they didn’t discriminate against the Firefox web browser :-).

Chesapeake Light Craft

>>> Chesapeake Light Craft

A supplier of kits and plans for kayaks and other small craft. Neat site, lots of details, forums and some good building tips.

Welcome to Chesapeake Light Craft, suppliers of boat kits, boat plans, and boatbuilding materials. Our distinctive boat designs include kayaks, canoes, rowing boats, dinghies, and sailboats. We’ve been at this since 1991 and nobody has sold more kits and plans. More than 20,000 CLC boats are on the water around the world. Our designs are built by amateurs and professionals alike.

Montana Boatbuilders, Inc.

>>> Montana Boatbuilders, Inc.

Montana Boatbuilders, Inc. has a nice web page outlining their extensive line of boats and services. They also offer plans (including a 50-60 page book of instructions) and/or kits for some of their designs. I especially liked some of the detailed writeup on their FAQ page. Worth a read if you agree with it all or not.

We build high quality boats using wood and composite construction. Specializing in river dories, we also build duck hunting boats, jet boats, still water pulling boats, and will happily take on anything you can dream up from canoes to sailboats. The common theme of our custom projects is quality- based on the traditions of wooden boatbuilding and the opportunities of new technology.

We are also proud to offer some of our designs in both plans and kits and carry all the building materials, hardware and accessories to get them built and in the water.

Rainbow Boat Works

>>> Rainbow Boat Works

Rainbow Boat Works is here to provide you with precision cut CNC kits for stitch and glue boats and boat building building supplies.

We are cutting plywood panels for stitch and glue designs using our CNC, computer controlled router system. We have designs from Jacques Mertens of Mertens-Goossens Inc., Dudley Dix of Dudley Dix Yacht Design, Paul Fisher of Selway Fisher Design and Bill Young of Seaside Smallcraft.

Branson Boat Design Limited

>>> Branson Boat Design Limited

After a period of downtime, Branson’s web site is revamped and back online at a new domain name.

Branson Boat Design Limited has been designing a range of craft since 1978. A European firm, they build boats, provide kits and/or plans for Trawler yachts, Motor boats, Passagemakers and Dutch barge replicas. The Dutch barge has many variations including the Luxe motor, Klipper and Jalk. Steel construction is their standard.

Kits are delivered free on the UK mainland, already blasted and primed. They will work with other firms who can provide CNC cutting locally.

Other custom work can also be provided.