Syphon Mate – simpler can be better

>>> Syphon Mate – simpler can be better

In the overly complex world of today, everything has to be powered and complicated. I have an old air mattress we use with the occasional guest/kid sleeping over or something. It has a integrated foot pump. You may get a bit of exercise in your leg, but you’ll soon have a nice bed, no matter if the power is out or what.

You can’t seem to buy one now… they all have to have a battery powered "blower". And when you need that bed, you can guarantee the batteries are dead.


So, with that kind of background and mindset, I really liked the looks of the Syphon Mate. A design that dates back 50 years or so, and apparently only one moving part, you put one end in the liquid, shake the other end until the tube is full, and syphon away. And all for less than $10. That just makes sense.

ShantyBoat Living

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Bryan Lowe of Escargot fame, has moved his web site and expanded to cover a wide variety of ShantyBoat information.

The entire idea behind a simple build, that doesn’t have to be fancy and "yachty", but lets you get on the water is very similar to my goals. I’m building a different style boat, but some of my priorities match well with the ShantyBoat lifestyle.

Dedicated to life on the water in the style of old. Shantyboats. The word Shanty means a small crudely built dwelling or shelter usually of wood. But I think a shantyboat implies simple, functional, slower paced life on the river. It also implies a vessel that you build yourself. It doesn’t have to mean junky, but it does imply individuality, with an air of simplicity in the romantic sense