Origami Boats mailing list archive

>>> Origami Boats mailing list archive

Ben Okopnik, a long-time active participant on theOrigamiBoats mailing list has created a neat online, searchable archive of the list. Might be worth checking out if you are looking for something, or just don’t want to deal with Yahoo’s interface.

Given that I’ve done some email parsing and display work in the past, this isn’t as easy as you might think. Impressive work, Ben!

Zinio – online magazines

>>> Zinio – online magazines

Ran across the Zinio page today… haven’t heard of them before (should have). They have lots of magazines, books, etc. available for online reading. Its a pay site that you can subscribe to, but you can also examine single issues (for a fee or sometimes free) of their magazines at least will allow you to see how you like it.

Nice way to check out some magazines that you may wonder about, but don’t want to subscribe to without seeing "in person".

Or, if you are living aboard or otherwise are short on space, receiving and viewing magazines electronically could be a good deal, and I’m sure has to be better for the environment.

This link is to their boating and aviation selection, which looked pretty good. Might be worth checking out.

Glen-L Teleseminar

>>> Glen-L Teleseminar


The great folks over at Glen-L are hosting their second "teleseminar" on April 21, 2009.

The subject is "8 Steps To Build the Boat of Your Dreams"… sounds like just the thing for home builders.

Sign up at their web page.

The call is at 5:00PM Pacific, 6:00PM Mountain, 7:00PM Central or 8:00PM Eastern depending on your time zone and will last about an hour or less. For our International guests, please check your local corresponding times.

If you can’t be on the live call, don’t worry as I will send you an email a day or two afterward with a link to the replay. In fact, many of you may prefer to listen to the replay and save yourself the toll-charges of the phone call. You can also listen via internet if your computer has that capability.

DIY Machine Tools

>>> DIY Machine Tools

If you are doing something as big as building a boat, you are probably at least somewhat "handy" and are comfortable working with your hands. Many of us are limited in our resources and would love to do more involved work with metal (or wood), but are lacking tools.

A machine shop is often a droolworthy place for a boat builder. We wish we could just machine up that fitting we need and can envision in our head. Well, now you can build your own machine shop.


Pat Delany has spent several years figuring out the basics of how to take easily obtainable, already machined parts (mostly things like junk engine blocks from cars) and fitting them together to create machine tools. There is a thriving Yahoo Group with members suggesting additions and furthering the design.

Make sure and check the files section for the detailed PDF on how this all works, and the photos section is chock full of other creations by some talented people.

Urban Ocean Observatory at the Center for Maritime Systems

>>> Urban Ocean Observatory at the Center for Maritime Systems


This is a slick set of web pages provided by the Stevens Institute of Technology. Wind speed, currents, water levels… all kinds of stuff.

The New York Harbor Observing and Prediction System (NYHOPS) was established to permit an assessment of ocean, weather, environmental, and vessel traffic conditions throughout the New York Harbor and New Jersey Coast regions. The system is designed to provide a knowledge of meteorological and oceanographic conditions both in real-time and forecasted out to 48 hours in the Hudson River, the East River, NY/NJ Estuary, Raritan Bay, Long Island Sound and the coastal waters of New Jersey. In this web site you will see graphic images of: water level; surface and bottom temperature; surface and bottom salinity; surface and bottom currents; NOAA winds; coastal waves – height, period and direction; CDOM (Chromophoric Dissolved Organic Matter). Newly added is Acoustic Tranmission Loss

Perfect Passagemaker Wiki

>>> Perfect Passagemaker Wiki

Some of the guys from a couple of the mailing lists (PuP and Trawlers and Trawlering) have put a wiki page up to foster discussion of building the "perfect passagemaker". I don’t know that it has hit "critical mass" to get a lot of discussion going, but certainly worth a look, and I’m sure they would love additional input.

This is a place for discussing the attributes of blue water, ocean going passagemakers. It is an offshoot of discussion on the Passagemaking Under Power (PUP) discussion group monitored by Georgs Kolesnikovs and sponsored by TrawlersAndTrawlering.com, but this effort is not of his doing (so don’t blame him!).

This has to be a community effort, though I (Jonathan) am willing to do the "wiki" parts. I am going through the PUP discussion of the "Perfect Passagemaker (PPM), pulling out specific comments and discussion, and plugging them in to the appropriate spots in the wiki. Anyone who would like to add material to the wiki and doesn’t want to do it themselves, can just send me a copy. My role is not to "edit" in the sense of taking sides, but to simply make available people’s experiences and comments about a variety of topics. It is meant as a forum for different ideas and to give everyone the benefit of a large community of passagemakers.