Glossary of Boat Building Terms

>>> Glossary of Boat Building Terms

Like most activities, boat-building has its own language. There are lots of jokes about computer people speaking in acronyms, but boat-builders speak in "boat". The words are all different. I mean what’s wrong with "right" and "left"? But no, we have to have "starboard" and "port".

Anyway, Glen-L has a nice glossary that can be a good reference if you are seeing words you don’t understand.

How to use a Sextant

>>> How to use a Sextant


(click for animated version)

Bet you didn’t know one animated picture could show you a bunch about using a sextant. Navigating these days is GPS and other electronic aids for most of us, but having a manual fallback only makes sense, especially if you are really embarking on a voyage.

I don’t recommend this as the be-all, end-all knowledge base, but its an interesting start.


Here’s another good forum to check out, especially if you are into the Trawler world. was launched to complement the interactive mailing lists associated with

For those who love the email format of T&T List and its sister discussion groups, the lists will continue to inform and entertain for a long time to come. For those who are happier sharing information and experiences in a Web environment, will become their homeport on the Net with forums such as All Trawlers, All Trawlering, All the Time; Cruising the Rideau Waterway, St. Lawrence River and Ottawa River; Smaller the Boat, Bigger the Adventure; plus Happy Hour.

Engine & Transmission Installation with Garry Stout

>>> Engine & Transmission Installation with Garry Stout

Glen-L is having another of their teleseminars, this one on engine and transmission installation.

Join us on Tuesday, September 29 at 5PM Pacific for our next Glen-L Teleseminar.

If you are building or plan to build an inboard boat, you won’t want to miss this one.

I will be interviewing Garry Stout who built the 19′ Monaco runabout and had "never built anything out of wood before"! Well, look at his boat above and you’ll see that he obviously figured it out. And, that’s one happy man too! The interview with Garry will focus on engine-related issues:

  • Engine & transmission installation
  • Drilling the prop shaft hole
  • Rudder installation
  • Motor stringers
  • Throttle & shift cable installation

Boatbuilding Cost – time and money

>>> Boatbuilding Cost – time and money

One of the most common questions when considering building a boat is how long will it take, and how much will it cost. I know that many builders get into this endeavor not only from the love of doing it, but to save money.

It’s probably debateable if its really a money saving idea, and its certainly going to take you longer than you thought (but I still encourage you to give it a try if you want).

Glen-L is a good resource for plans and supplies and general boat-building information. They recently asked people for feedback on their costs for home-building various boats (Glen-L designs). The resulting comments and information gives a lot of good information on the ranges of both money and time people are investing in their builds.

I try to list expenditures and elapsed time on my various blog posts and will provide totals at the end. So far I’m about $6,000 dollars, and an unknown amount of time (I haven’t added it up recently).

craigslist searching – search multiple sites at once

>>> craigslist searching – search multiple sites at once

I mentioned searching craigslist for a trailer and wanted to point out a tool I found helpful.

Craigslist has lots of neat stuff, but it geared around local area searches. When craigslist started and they only covered a few areas, this made a lot of sense, especially if you are looking for something that would be impractical or uneconomical to ship.

Craigslist has since been growing, and they have separate sites for lots of cities. In my case I was looking for a trailer. I’m willing to drive some distance to find a good deal, so I would need to search multiple craigslist cities for the same thing. Searchtempest will let you enter your search and give a "all within XXXX miles" and then opens a window with the search results for each craigslist citysite that meets your criteria.

Not affiliated in any way, and don’t really know anything more about them, other than that it saved a lot of work performing some searches for me. Might be worth a shot.