Birthday Cake Foam Kayak

>>> Birthday Cake Foam Kayak

OK, here’s a neat take on building a kayak… using 2" (or 1") EPS (expanded polystyrene) foam panels. Layer them like a cake and glue together, carved to shape. The builder calls it the Sawfish, and it looks like a fine craft.

And one that most anybody could build with minimal tools and space.

I do note that (like me), he finds that getting the supplies he wants is difficult. The standard local stores never seem to carry quite what you need (in his case 2" EPS foam), at least without buying a pallet of it.

Vinyl Seats

>>> Vinyl Seats

If you have a boat, you often have vinyl seats. If you have vinyl seats, you probably will be repairing or replacing them at some point. Seats and any exterior feature on a boat lives a very hard life.

This is a good set of instructions covering (pun intended) the basics of dealing with vinyl seats. The author also has some other posts up, including some on restoring an aluminum boat. He looks to be making more, so is definitely somebody to watch.

Shrinkwrap your boat – yourself

>>> Shrinkwrap your boat – yourself

I commonly see boats (new and otherwise) being transported and stored with the white shrinkwrap on them. Given I have spent time fighting tarps and the like covering mine, I have wished I could wrap mine.


Little did I know that you can "do-it-yourself". Dr. Shrink carries all the supplies you would need. Mad Marinerâ„¢ magazine recently published Honey, I Shrunk the Boat by Jan Mundy which details what’s required to successfully wrap a boat. Doesn’t sound too bad, with a little practice. Jan does stress not cheaping out on the supplies and tools, which is usually good advise in most DIY activities.

Note that you can shrink wrap all manner of things… doesn’t have to be a boat. Wonder how it would do on a boat-building shed… hmmm. Dr. Shrink’s page has a blog with further thoughts and ideas worth checking out.