AnchorGuide for the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW)

Mark and Diana Doyle of On the Water Chart Guides have a pair of books covering anchoring on the Intracoastal Waterway.

Here’s what they have to say:

Just a quick note to let you know that this week Mark and I are launching two new books!

AnchorGuide for the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW)
Volume 1: Norfolk, VA to Beaufort, SC

AnchorGuide for the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) Volume 2: Hilton Head, SC to Miami, FL

The PDF files were just uploaded to our printer and will take about 14 days to be printed and delivered to the fulfillment house.

But the really exciting part is, during that 14-day period, we’re offering a Pre-Print Web Special to our subscribers … you’ll receive 33% off any individual volume, or 42% off the two-volume bundle!

(A little background here … turn back the calendar two years.) As Mark and I slowly creep into an unfamiliar anchorage, we grit our teeth and hope for the best …

Sound familiar?

And, remember, Semi-Local draws less than 3 feet!

We knew there had to be a better way … thus began the "anchorage project."

The premise was … wouldn’t it be nice to have a full-color book of anchorages, based on official NOAA charts, showing you EXACTLY where to anchor?

With digital breadcrumb tracks, annotated with depths, leading you in and out of the anchorage?

And details on shore access and pet landing, wind protection, current, grocery store availability … and more?

For ICW first-timers, it would be a blessing. Here are nearly 300 anchorages, mooring fields, and free docks between Hampton, VA and Key
Biscayne, FL. Enjoy!

For ICW veterans, it might serve as a call to return to cruising versus commuting. We all slip into a rut, returning to the same familiar
anchorages. With "first-entry" stress reduced, why not drop the hook
somewhere new and explore a different creek or town?

To produce the new series we married the latest technology with old-fashioned hours of on-the-water surveying.

We re-visited each anchorage, multiple times, recording depths and tracks directly into our computers. What you see on each page is exactly what we saw on our laptops and chartplotter.

It’s like looking over our shoulders as we survey!

So, please, go take a look. There are two sample pages on our website. One
describes Hospital Point anchorage at "Mile Zero," the other details Fort
Matanzas anchorage along Florida’s First Coast.

Please remember, if you or a friend are interested in these guides, NOW is
absolutely the time to pre-order and take advantage of this 14-day special!

Thank you again for your kind support,


Cruiser’s Net – Cruisers Helping Cruisers

>>> Cruiser’s Net – Cruisers Helping Cruisers

A link in the latest PassageMaker Magazine points us to This is a great site by Claiborne Young who has amassed a huge amount of information about cruising in the Southeast United States.

Of particular interest is the set of (free download) ICW Problem Videos. Covering "problem stretches", they suggest alternatives or good routes around some of the hazard areas.

Lastly, they have a page showing how a 80′ masted vessel has been making it down the ICW (Intra Coastal Waterway). They have some heavy (2000lbs heavy) bags of water hung from the mast tops. They let them heel them over until the mast will clear the bridges. Check the pictures… you’ve got to see this to appreciate it.