Greenline 33 Hybrid

>>> Greenline 33 Hybrid


Neat looking diesel/solar hybrid. Motorboat and Yachting has a brief writeup also.

Length Overall – 32ft 9in (9.99m)
Beam – 11ft 5in (3.49m)
Displacement – 4.8 tonnes light
Air Draught – Approx 9ft (2.7m) MBY est
Fuel Capacity – 95 imp gal (430 litres)
Range – 431 miles (diesel); 20nm (electric)
Water Capacity – 66 imp gal (300 litres)
Cabins – 1
Engines – Single 165hp VW diesel with optional hybrid electric motor
Cruising Speed – 7 knots (slow) 10 knots (fast)
Top Speed – 13.3 knots (diesel); 5.5 knots (electric)
RCD Category – B (for 8 people)

Greenline Hybrid

>>> Greenline Hybrid


Here’s a very nice looking, 33′ commercial diesel-electric hybrid setup. Design goal calls for a battery range of about 20 miles, which would be enough for a lot of little day trips on its own.

The mission of this “Volksboat” is to increase the comfort and reduce the cost of boating in a significant way – while drastically reducing the carbon emission footprint of a boating family. With the absence of smoke, noise or wake in a port, marina or an anchorage the Greenline 33 will change the way motor boating is enjoyed by the owner and also how it is perceived by the boating society.

She should be equally attractive to seasoned motor boaters, sailors and newcomers to boating, offering more room, comfort, fun and value for money than any comparable boat.

Hybrid-Marine, Ltd.

>>> Hybrid-Marine, Ltd.

Another company approaching hybrid (diesel/electric) power for boats.

Hybrid Marine is an electronic design house specialising in control systems using microcontroller technology. Our parallel hybrid is the result of a five year research program and provides an integrated hybrid system for small marine craft.

Prototype systems have been developed and tested in our workshops and during sea trials. We are now working with Beta Marine LTD to provide a complete parallel hybrid system and plan to be in production by the end of 2008.

Island Pilot DSe Sea Trial

>>> Island Pilot DSe Sea Trial

If you remember Warren and Robin and their Pepi, we have more news. The Pepi is the Mark V39 originally built by Brad Indicott and now making another round of the Great Loop. Pepi is currently for sale and they have the Island Pilot DSe hull #1 on order.

The Island Pilot DSe is a slick hybrid design whose hull has just hit the water. A recent test cruise (with a temporary roof for the solar cells) showed performance wasn’t quite as expected, but still looks to be a slick design.

Do make sure and read Robin’s follow-up post of their visit with the boat’s designer at the Miami Boat Show, including looks at other of Island Pilot’s designs.

African Cats – Green Motion – Fossil Free Electric Propulsion

>>> African Cats – Green Motion – Fossil Free Electric Propulsion

African Cats has some nice looking production catamarans. What really interested me was their "Green Motion" line of hybrid drive systems. They seem to really emphasis regeneration of power while under sail with the idea of oversizing the motor so that they can better regenerate.

They also have wind generators, RIBs, and several other products that might be worth a look. Their web page is a bit "pdf happy" in my opinion (only use pdf when you really need to, please!), but still has a lot of info.


We build comfortable lightweight performance leisure catamarans thru epoxy resin infusion for sailing enthusiasts that demand the highest levels of performance, comfort, speed, security and reliability.

Our secret? We employ a no-compromise approach to boat design and construction that spans the gamut from materials and techniques to beauty and ergonomics. On our site you can see who we are, what we do, how we do it and why.

Enjoy and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions! We think you’ll agree after your visit that our slogan

‘African Cats: If you want it all…’

Mark V 39 for sale

>>> Mark V 39 for sale

I don’t put a lot of "for sale" stuff on here, but I thought this one was worth an exception. We covered Warren and Robin’s Great Loop cruise log a few weeks back. They have been underway for three months or so and have decided to sell their boat. No, they aren’t giving up already, rather they like it so much, they want a bigger boat.

Several factors make this really interesting to me:

  • Their current boat is a Mark V 39 that has already made the loop once and which seems to still be going strong. The Pepi started life as Brad Indicott’s Leah Gent.
  • Secondly, they are cruising the waters that I want to be on… the rivers and canals of the Great Loop.
  • Lastly, the boat they are buying (see below)…

They are buying the first hull of the diesel/solar/electric hybrid Island Pilot DSe. I’ve been in touch with Warren and look forward to more information on their new boat, along with the continuing cruise log entries on their site.

So, check out their blog regardless of your desire for a new boat, but if you are looking for a good, proven cruiser, you might give them a ring.