Shaved head on a boat

>>> Shaved head on a boat

OK, just a great, funny story from the All About Houseboats folks.

I told my wife, prior to leaving for Shasta, I was going to shave my head. She said "Why not do it on the houseboat? I just cleaned the bathrooms!" I said, ‘OK.’

The next morning we left for Shasta with some friends, boarded the houseboat, went to one of my favorite coves on the Squaw Creek Arm, tied up, opened a beer, and I went aft to shave my head.

I had just completed the right side, when I switched hands to do the left side; my hand hit the ladder to the sundeck, and the 2 week-old Remington Electric razor dropped like a stone, bounced off the deck, and blithely scooted under the rail and into about 30′ of water!

It didn’t end there… check out the link for the rest 🙂