Here’s another good forum to check out, especially if you are into the Trawler world. was launched to complement the interactive mailing lists associated with

For those who love the email format of T&T List and its sister discussion groups, the lists will continue to inform and entertain for a long time to come. For those who are happier sharing information and experiences in a Web environment, will become their homeport on the Net with forums such as All Trawlers, All Trawlering, All the Time; Cruising the Rideau Waterway, St. Lawrence River and Ottawa River; Smaller the Boat, Bigger the Adventure; plus Happy Hour.

New Metal Boat Building forum

>>> New Metal Boat Building forum


Our friend Klaus Hafner sent me a link to a new forum site for metal boat builders… seems to be a new community forming, but Klaus says several of the old "warhorses" of the metal boatbuilding world are there already.

The Boat Builders Forum is where you’ll find metal boat designers, builders, and other metal boat owners willing and able to help you with your metal boat project!

Definitely something worth a look. Check our our forums page for other communities you might want to join.

The Handy Mariner

>>> The Handy Mariner

A site with articles, forums and various resources… I’ll let them describe themselves:

This website has a simple objective – to help develop the skill and confidence boatowners need to select appropriate gear, materials and techniques required to undertake many of the maintenance and repair jobs on board. You do not have to be a tradesperson, or a skilled handyperson and you may not want to do the work yourself. This site will help you make sensible decisions, whether you choose to do it yourself, or deal with industry professionals.

Whatever kind of boating you do, we hope you will be encouraged by the experiences of others including old-hands and industry experts. We attempt to bring into one convenient place information on products, materials, techniques and resourses. When sourced from other websites, appropriate credits and links are provided.