Folding Kayak Adventures

>>> Folding Kayak Adventures

Folding Kayak Adventures

We have specialized in Feathercraft folding kayaks since 1996 and have become familiar with SOAR inflatable canoes and Alpacka pack rafts since our move to Colorado in 2006. We regularly use these craft and the Kokatat dry suits and paddling gear we stock.

Our first-hand knowledge of these world-renowned portable boats and our commitment to provide you with personal, efficient service and factory-direct prices makes Folding Kayak Adventures your best source for Feathercraft kayaks, SOAR inflatable canoes, Alpacka pack rafts and paddling accessories.

We also carry Kokatat dry suits and watersports wear and expedition paddling gear, including four-piece paddles, life jackets, dry bags, safety equipment, and some camping gear.

Another new Fliptail from Wooden Widget

>>> Another new Fliptail from Wooden Widget

Another new Fliptail from Wooden Widget

Wooden Widget has added yet another, longer, 9′ version of their Fliptail design. This gives 6′, 7′ and 9′ versions of this design, along with several other nifty folding boat designs.

Benjy’s Origami design was our first "boat build", which is a surprisingly stable and versatile little boat. The Fliptail looks to be a lighter design (important in this type of boat), that is still stable and usable.

Check the video with the boat on plane.

The Fliptail is the latest addition to the Woodenwidget family. Pretty, functional and easy to build. The Fliptail is a simple folding dinghy consisting of a central keel with two drop down floors, four hinged hoops and a reinforced PVC cloth skin. It assembles in moments and rows and sails extremely well. Tough, light and resilient, with a 3.3hp motor it can also plane at speeds of up to 14 knots! Available in both 6 and 7 foot versions.

Barquito for sale

>>> Barquito for sale

In the past we’ve had several postings covering the building and use of Barquito. Now David needs to find her a good home.

Check out his site and contact him if you are interested:

Handmade, small craft for day use. One-of-a-kind folding sailboat. This is not a joke. It is a folding boat.

Capacity 300 lbs. Suitable for lakes and protected waters. Fun for one adult, adult and child or possibly two youths. 8 ft long. Can be rowed or sailed. Kept at a cabin near a lake. Sail rig suitable for light to moderate airs. Boat is able to tack, able to make placid progress upwind. Sail rig, Rudder, Dagger board, Anchor, Oars, Fittings included. When folded fits inside a small suv. Wood construction. Good, sound condition. Not suitable for storage in the water. This boat has not been titled or registered. Buyers responsibility Sale will be final.

Have sailed Lake Redman, York. Will demonstrate by appointment. Buyer must pick up at my location at time convenient to me. Reason for sale: Moving to new location, can’t take boat.
Asking $425

More info, pictures and video visit website–post the HTTP into your browser:

Serious inquiry welcomed.
David B.
Contact [email protected]

Floating Origami

>>> Floating Origami

Our friend Benjy over at WoodenWidget has scored another good writeup about his Origami Dinghy. George Delozier, a regular blogger on has provided details on the Dinghy along with several pictures. is a neat site covering "the latest inventions, innovations and interesting ideas?"

One thing I didn’t know is that Benjy and WoodenWidget has started sponsoring a "tree planting" program. For every set of plans you buy, a tree will be planted in Benwickshire, Scotland. I think this is really a slick idea. We boat builders tend to use a fair amount of wood, and rely on its availability. Wood is a great, renewable natural resource, as long as its managed and replanted. So buy a plan, build a boat and get a new tree in the bargain.

Matteo Signorini – Origami sailboat

>>> Matteo Signorini – Origami sailboat

Here’s another design based around corrugated plastic. Site is a little thin on details, although there have been links from Make and Gizmodo (that second one has a picture of a actual craft).

Our friends a Eli Boat also have a blurb up with a picture of a craft in the water… I think it’s the same boat.


Origami boat is a light folding dinghy for sailing fun.

Almost three meters long, Origami boat carries one adult and its extreme lightweight structure makes it exciting to sail. Afterwards it folds up into a flat pack to the same size as a windsurf board and can be easily carried by one person, transported on a car, stowed on a flight or stored in that little space in your garage.

Patent pending.