Stasha – Mystery Dinghy Revealed!

>>> Stasha – Mystery Dinghy Revealed!


Remember our mystery dinghy?

The secret is now out! Our friend Benjy at Wooden Widget has a new design in his stable. With a Dacron skin stretched over a lightweight frame, it’s billed as the world’s lightest nesting dinghy. The halves nest for storage, and it can be assembled in the water (with you in the boat).

Dane and I built one of the original 8′ folding Origami dinghy’s and had fun with it. Performs well, but is a bit heavy. This design should solve that.

Not only can it be stowed on the smallest of foredecks, or put in the back of the average estate car but it can also take an outboard motor up to 3.3 hp. If you want you can also add a mast and go sailing.

The Stasha sails surprisingly well and is a lot of fun. The Stasha was designed to be easy to build so that anyone can make one regardless of their woodworking experience. All you need are a few basic tools such as a jigsaw and a plane and the confidence to have a go. No specialist tools are needed and even the ribs are formed with just a heat gun.

Check out the video’s!

Mystery Dinghy

Got a "mystery photo" for you today…

And for your answer go see the Stasha!


A few things we know from the guy that passed it to me, or can guess with a close examination:

  • Photo was taken in France
  • About 7 feet long
  • Sail/power/both? Looks like it has pintle mounts for a rudder (sail), but transom is fairly beefy… outboard?
  • Looks like its a nesting design (looks to have a ‘break’ at the midpoint.
  • Rowlocks – normally nesting boats don’t have a good sitting position for rowing, but…
  • No seat evident
  • Translucent skin – fabric?
  • Interesting diagonal supports for the hull form
  • Should be light weight

Anybody want to toss a guess out? Some of the skin-on-frame kayaks seem really neat to me, but haven’t seen it used on a dinghy, especially something that comes apart for storage.