Mystery Dinghy

Got a "mystery photo" for you today…

And for your answer go see the Stasha!


A few things we know from the guy that passed it to me, or can guess with a close examination:

  • Photo was taken in France
  • About 7 feet long
  • Sail/power/both? Looks like it has pintle mounts for a rudder (sail), but transom is fairly beefy… outboard?
  • Looks like its a nesting design (looks to have a ‘break’ at the midpoint.
  • Rowlocks – normally nesting boats don’t have a good sitting position for rowing, but…
  • No seat evident
  • Translucent skin – fabric?
  • Interesting diagonal supports for the hull form
  • Should be light weight

Anybody want to toss a guess out? Some of the skin-on-frame kayaks seem really neat to me, but haven’t seen it used on a dinghy, especially something that comes apart for storage.