The Plastiki – the voyage continues

>>> The Plastiki – the voyage continues


We had a link to this catamaran made from plastic bottles before. For Earth Day, they are getting lots of coverage (USAToday – includes an interesting video of the build) as they continue crossing the Pacific.

Check out their blog for lots of pictures, facts, cruise information and the like. Looks like a good time, for a good cause, and really shows that you don’t have to always do the "tried and true" to get out on the water!

Hydrokinetic turbine

>>> Hydrokinetic turbine

The nation’s first commercial hydrokinetic turbine, which harnesses the power from moving water without the construction of a dam, has splashed into the waters of the Mississippi River near Hastings, Minnesota.

A nifty underwater turbine that doesn’t rely on a dam… just spinning from the current of the river.