Concept Craft: Get A First Look At Beneteau’s Hybrid Prototype

>>> Concept Craft: Get A First Look At Beneteau’s Hybrid Prototype

PassageMaker has a very good article giving an initial introduction to Beneteau’s hybrid prototype. Built in conjunction with Elco (nothing like 120+ years of electric boat experience), they have modified a Swift Trawler 34 to have a hybrid power train.

Pretty slick. I expect the costs (as they have with cars and other things) will come down and become viable in the next few years. Definitely a technology to watch, in my opinion.

Current Drives

>>> Current Drives

The other day I mentioned the Oru Kayak with Electrafin, but I wanted to point out that this is not the only product that Current Drives produces. The same device can attach to SUPs (Stand Up Paddleboards), and they have their own SUPs and inflatable SUPs with integrated electric drives.

I need to try a SUP someday… not sure my balance is that good, but looks like fun 🙂

Underwater Thruster – Kickstarter

>>> Underwater Thruster – Kickstarter

Underwater Thruster - Kickstarter

If you’re familiar with the idea of ‘crowdfunding’ then you’ve heard of Kickstarter before. Its a site where people make proposals and seek funding for interesting ideas. If they succeed, the backers get what was agreed upon… sometimes (often?) they do, sometimes not, but the batting average is pretty good. I’ve gotten a couple of interesting things that I backed on Kickstarter in the last couple of years.

Anyhow, the T100 looks like a really interesting idea. A rugged, affordable underwater thruster. Designed for robotics and ocean exploration.

We designed the T100 for:

  • Makers and Hobbyists who are interested in marine robotics but can’t find capable, affordable hardware.
  • Students and Schools who can use the T100 for educational projects or to compete in competitions such as the AUVSI RoboSub and RoboBoat competitions.
  • Professional Users who want a high-quality thruster that is more capable than many of the high-end (expensive) alternatives.

Electric Boat Market Takes Off in Switzerland

>>> Electric Boat Market Takes Off in Switzerland

ABCNews has an interesting article covering Boesch Motorboats’ electric power line.

"We offer the first non-custom boat ever to reach a plane with an electric motor," Boesch says. The 80 kilowatt-strong (108 horsepower) electric motor reaches a top speed of nearly 55 kilometers per hour (34 miles per hour), and a variant with 120 kilowatts (162 horsepower) under the hood can even hit 60 kph. "No one else makes faster electric boats that aren’t custom."

SOL Solutions

>>> SOL Solutions

SOL Solutions has several nifty looking solar energy products. Not sure how some of them might play on a boat, but their portable power unit could be very handy if you are building "remote" from utilities.


You can combine up to three panels for more generation. Neat design.

Mobile Solar Generators


Perfect point of use, off the grid, alternative to old paradigm, noisy gas generators.

Clean, silent, renewable energy that you own, with no ongoing costs ever!

One small, easy to move, all in one integrated unit, ready to point towards the sun at your best location, and deliver up to 1200 watts of AC power, and 12 volts DC power,
and even charge all your Ni-Mh smaller batteries.

Elegantly designed unit including, one 135 watt photovoltaic panel, three 100 amp/hour deep cycle sealed batteries, solar charge controller, watt Meter, 1500 watt inverter/charger, external AC/DC plugs.

All in a sleek, simple, two-wheel, cart.