Electric Narrowboat for hire

>>> Electric Narrowboat for hire


Castle Narrowboats offers a selection of holiday rental/for hire boats, including some electric craft. I haven’t ran into electric canal boats in my surfing, that I recall, but it seems to be a great fit. They get about 18 mile range. On the narrow canals, you have smooth water and slow speeds anyhow, and a hull design that can carry some batteries.

Castle Narrowboats offers you the choice of our fleet of modern, comfortable, diesel or electric narrow boats, in which you can enjoy as much – or as little – of the canal as you please. Weekly hire or short breaks, either over a weekend or mid-week, are available.

Buffalo Solar Boats

>>> Buffalo Solar Boats


Tamarack Electric Boat Company has changed their name to Buffalo Solar Boats and revamped their web site.

Check out their new Loon:


The Loon The ultimate in Enviro-boating! An 8-passenger, solar-assisted electric pontoon boat which is capable of touring inland waterways and lake systems with grace and style and has moveable seat backs to make fishing more enjoyable.

This boat combines the advantages of power boating and sailing, without the environmental impact on our delicate ecosystems. There is a large battery on board, assisted by the overhead solar panels, so cruising at night or in cloudy conditions is never an issue.

Buffalo Solar Boats – where water and electricity mix!

Hybrid-Marine, Ltd.

>>> Hybrid-Marine, Ltd.

Another company approaching hybrid (diesel/electric) power for boats.

Hybrid Marine is an electronic design house specialising in control systems using microcontroller technology. Our parallel hybrid is the result of a five year research program and provides an integrated hybrid system for small marine craft.

Prototype systems have been developed and tested in our workshops and during sea trials. We are now working with Beta Marine LTD to provide a complete parallel hybrid system and plan to be in production by the end of 2008.