Greenline 33 Hybrid

>>> Greenline 33 Hybrid


Neat looking diesel/solar hybrid. Motorboat and Yachting has a brief writeup also.

Length Overall – 32ft 9in (9.99m)
Beam – 11ft 5in (3.49m)
Displacement – 4.8 tonnes light
Air Draught – Approx 9ft (2.7m) MBY est
Fuel Capacity – 95 imp gal (430 litres)
Range – 431 miles (diesel); 20nm (electric)
Water Capacity – 66 imp gal (300 litres)
Cabins – 1
Engines – Single 165hp VW diesel with optional hybrid electric motor
Cruising Speed – 7 knots (slow) 10 knots (fast)
Top Speed – 13.3 knots (diesel); 5.5 knots (electric)
RCD Category – B (for 8 people)

Electric Drill Outboard

Really slick little motor for a small craft. Instructables has this video showing a couple of guys motoring around in their canoe, including some beautiful scenering including several British looking canal boats.

Toward the end of the video they break down their motor and show how it was assembled. Wish I could do that on a slightly larger scale.

Small Electric Launch




John has quite the nifty little electric launch for sale. Looks like a really nice boat for just getting out a "puttering around" on the lake. I don’t do many "for sale" posts, but this one fit so well with what a lot of us like.

Escape the rat race of one-upmanship in ever more costly and ever more grotesque ski boats. Go green by joining the trend toward restored antique woodies and new as well as old classic launches. Our (one of a kind) custom designed & custom made classic styled launch can carry 2 adults. It is a smaller version of the classic "Gentlemans Launches" so popular in the 1920-1930 jazz age. It is great on smaller lakes, coves, shallow backwaters, and rivers — for fishing in your own shade or for showing off your class around the marina. It can reach speeds of small sailboats but is just as happy at a slow crawl for trolling. The surry convertible top can be raised or lowered by a single person from sitting position. The power unit at rear is pivoted to tilt up for ease of launching and beaching. The passenger seat in front can face forward for touring or to the rear for a wine and cheese picnic lunch. Electric launches can be prohibitively expensive (see web sites for Elco & Beckman) with prices from $30-40,000 up through $80,000 for smaller sizes up to well over $100,000 in the 30ft size range. We are retired empty nesters with too many boats so must sell this loved one. It is presently located in North Carolina but we can deliver anywhere in the Southeast. We will include nearly new ShoreLand’r trailer as well as mooring cover. The trailer can be easily dismantled into 3 pieces which one person can then carry to convenient storage to eliminate sitting in the weather or having to pay for parking.

Contact John for more info.