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Please say a quick prayer for Glen (of Glen-L fame) and his family… his daughter Gayle Brantuk (who has run the business for a while now), posted this today:

Dear Glen-L Family,

Many of you ask from time to time, how my father Glen is doing. I just want to let you know that he was recently in the hospital with Pneumonia and we have brought him home. However, his health is failing. At 97 years of age, it comes as no surprise, but, is quite emotionally draining.

No matter how much time Glen has with us, we know his life and legacy will continue on in the Glen-L boats you folks have and will continue to build and enjoy.

We would sure appreciate your thoughts and prayers at this time. Thank you so much… At Your Service,

Gayle Brantuk
Glen-L Marine Designs

Merry Christmas

Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

Hopefully you all got some good boating stuff, or maybe just some time to work on your hobbies and visit with friends and family.

Most importantly, lets remember the ‘reason for the season’ as they say…

Merry Christmas!

SpaceX Lands!

OK, it’s not a boat… but it’s sure exciting technology.

Contrats to SpaceX!

They landed their Falcon 9 first stage back on solid ground… the first orbital launch craft to return a first stage for reuse.

Incredible, just incredible.

That was one of the most exciting launches I’ve watched in years.

Fixes and breakage

Just in case you notice, I’ve been doing a bunch of work tracking down a lot of the old, broken links on the site and cleaning them up. External links (links to other sites) may be broken if the other site is "gone", but I’m leaving them in place for now, for historical sake. Internal links I’m attacking and have significantly improved.

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