Canal Boat pictures

>>> Canal Boat pictures

Canal boats have been commonly covered here on Craft A Craft… someday I may still go down that path. A dutch barge especially, but any of the designs are nice. is a popular Web 2.0 site for uploading pictures of your family, friends, cats, boats or whatever. If you want to kill some time, check out some nice pictures. This search will lead you to thousands of canal boats of one sort or another.

Wolstenholme Yacht Design

>>> Wolstenholme Yacht Design

Another designer with some neat designs…

Andrew Wolstenholme has produced a wide variety of designs ranging from award winning production powerboats to classic launches and traditional craft for sail and oar, with several thousand examples of these boats to be seen around the world.

I especially liked the Wheelyboat Mk III – it looks like a miniature landing craft and is designed for use by wheelchair bound fishermen on European rivers and lakes… neat idea and a great way of letting a mobility impared person continue to enjoy the water!

His 57-60′ Cruising Barge design are some gorgeous craft… I love that European/Dutch Barge look!

DBA – The Barge Association

>>> DBA – The Barge Association

The Association for everyone owning or interested in barges

Welcome to DBA The Barge Association and our new website. 

  • Our aims are to bring together people interested in barges and barging.
  • To establish and maintain contact with other relevant societies and clubs, navigation authorities and trade associations.
  • To represent the interests of barge owners in areas such as moorings rights, navigation permits and charges, provision and maintenance of barge navigations and navigation safety regulations.
  • To seek benefits for members in the form of discounts on barge-related goods and services.

DBA the Barge Association is a ‘not-for-profit’ limited company run by volunteers and open to everybody, with or without a boat or barge, who is or would like to be living in, cruising in, converting, or just relaxing aboard.

Living Afloat

>>> Living Afloat

The story of the MS Watergeus and how to convert a Dutch barge into a houseboat

A really detailed web site with a ton of information. The site not only covers the work on the MS Watergeus, but also Dutch Barges in general, buying and selling issues, and even conversion advice.

Living Afloat is a website with lots of information, maintained by Frederic Logghe. It contains the (hi)story of the Luxe Motor Watergeus and the publications on how to buy and convert a Dutch barge…

Living afloat

Living Afloat gives you free advice on what you need to know about barges, how to buy them, how to convert them, etc..

Since I have worked on boats, many people helped me with information. Out of respect for them and because I was helped freely, I’ve decided to publish all information freely on this website! Another reason are the costs for buying and converting a boat. You better spend the money on your boat then on companies selling the information to you! If you have questions, feel free to ask them!

There are photo galleries of barges and their mooring, interior pictures, reports on journeys on a barge, a guide for recognizing Dutch barges, …

If you are looking to sell or buy your barge, there is a ‘for sale’ section.

Living Afloat tries to explain how to experience and enjoy the lifestyle of living on water!