Bryan Boatbuilding

>>> Bryan Boatbuilding

When you buy a boat from Bryan Boatbuilding you not only get a fine quality boat but you support a tradition of hand tool use and a way of life which we feel leads to a better world.

Neat little designer and builder geared around fine workmanship, handcrafting and doing things a simpler way. Make sure and check out some of the old, still used power tools on his shop page.

MD Cats – Multihull Development

>>> MD Cats – Multihull Development

A commercial builder in Maine with some really nice looking boats. They include some outboard powered designs which I think is a very valid way of going (especially since I’m building an outboard powered boat :-)).

It may sound strange coming from a boat builder, but I still think that boating is not so much about the boat. It’s leading an active and healthy life immeresed in as much beauty as possible. I try to build boats that support this mission, without getting in your way in the process.

Russell Hunt, President

Scruffie Marine

>>> Scruffie Marine


Scruffie Marine is an Australian company with some neat designs, geared mostly around their "slotted plywood" kits. They provide the frame pieces all cut from marine plywood, ready to slide together. Self aligning and well engineered. The kits include everything you need except glue, or if you like, they will build it for you.

Looks pretty nice (although I really wish they didn’t discriminate against the Firefox web browser :-).

Aeromomentum, LLC

>>> Aeromomentum, LLC

They have some interesting looking designs… The AM40pt is listed as not finished yet, but is one I would really like to look at: "The maxi trailer world cruiser trimaran powerboat! Folds for world legal trailering and economical container shipping. Also avaliable in a wide version (10.5 foot folded) for more interior space."

Aeromomentum LLC, was founded in the USA in 2001 to design in the USA and build in Asia state of the art multihull sail and powerboats. More than 60 boats of our designs have been built at various Chinese contract factories. We have an office and wharehouse in Stuart, FL and a boat yard and offices in Zhuhai, China.