Stasha – Mystery Dinghy Revealed!

>>> Stasha – Mystery Dinghy Revealed!


Remember our mystery dinghy?

The secret is now out! Our friend Benjy at Wooden Widget has a new design in his stable. With a Dacron skin stretched over a lightweight frame, it’s billed as the world’s lightest nesting dinghy. The halves nest for storage, and it can be assembled in the water (with you in the boat).

Dane and I built one of the original 8′ folding Origami dinghy’s and had fun with it. Performs well, but is a bit heavy. This design should solve that.

Not only can it be stowed on the smallest of foredecks, or put in the back of the average estate car but it can also take an outboard motor up to 3.3 hp. If you want you can also add a mast and go sailing.

The Stasha sails surprisingly well and is a lot of fun. The Stasha was designed to be easy to build so that anyone can make one regardless of their woodworking experience. All you need are a few basic tools such as a jigsaw and a plane and the confidence to have a go. No specialist tools are needed and even the ribs are formed with just a heat gun.

Check out the video’s!

Hermes prototype yacht design

>>> Hermes prototype yacht design

There are all kinds of prototype and "odd" design studies you see, but this one is a bit different. Its very wide and "short" for its size.

They have also built a full scale mockup from what appears to be CNC cut plywood or the like.

Interesting concept. I don’t think it would do well in following seas or the like, and I have no idea what short and very wide would do to hull speed, but worth a look.

Derek Ellard of Scruffie Marine responds

After my recent post about Scruffie Marine, Derek Ellard was kind enough to reply, expanding on the information and correcting a couple of items. I wanted to bring this out so that nobody missed it.


Thank you for your compliments, we were pioneers of many aspects of kit building when we started some 18 years ago and we’re still refining and fine tuning the boats.

As to CNC routing, we looked at that some years ago and decided against it for a number of reasons – no plans as such exist – all kits are worked out from full scale drawings and jigs and templates built to suit. This allows us to incorporate all the subtle details that make for a good ship. For instance it took me a year to design and get the Secret 20 into production.

For your interest we are now in seven different countries and we’re just nudging 300 boats. As a designer I’ve done boats as large as a 58 foot riverboat style house boat and a 65 foot schooner and at present we’re pouring our resources into an innovative tourism/corporate/eco-tour project based on 3 new models.

By the way, we do provide adhesive and filler powders along with epoxy resins, mixing cups, gloves, screws, all chandlery , rigging and sails with many more assorted items making up our complete kits. Paint and coatings are the only things not supplied – everything to actually build the boat is included.

We don’t actively discriminate against Firefox web browsers, it’s just that we need a new web site – the current one was constructed ten years ago and needs a thorough upgrade – we’re always so busy it’s difficult to find the time.

Thanks for your interest and let me know if you’d like any more info on our boats. Meanwhile there are a number of our boats in the USA and our UK agent has a good site at


Olin J. Stephens II, Renowned Yacht Designer, Is Dead at 100

>>> Olin J. Stephens II, Renowned Yacht Designer, Is Dead at 100

Mr. Stephens passed away Sept. 13th.

Olin J. Stephens II, one of the most prominent naval architects of the last century, a designer who created more than 2,200 cruising and racing yachts over decades of innovation in sailing, died Saturday in Hanover, N.H. Mr. Stephens, who lived in Hanover, was 100.

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