Andiamo – A Ranger 29 Tug

>>> Andiamo – A Ranger 29 Tug

I’ve read several Great Loop cruise logs, but I think this is definitely one of the best. If you have any interest in the Loop, or just boating in general, read John and Laurie Gray’s account of their cruise a few years ago.

I love the Ranger Tug line anyhow, and such a well written account just makes it come to life. John also manages to include lots of little tips and tricks he has learned over his boating career that all of us can learn from.

Thanks John and Laurie for sharing!

The Greatest Loop

>>> The Greatest Loop

The Greatest Loop

This is a really neat Great Loop cruise log. The trip was sponsored by Beneteau along with quite a few of the big names in the marine industry. The boat was a nice Swift Trawler ’34. The web site is very well done, with lots of details, pictures and a slick map. I wish I had found it earlier, but it makes for some interesting reading. As I write this, they have made about three-quarters of the trip and are working their way up the East Coast.

I’ll point out this interview, which is how I was led to the page.

The Simple Sailor

>>> The Simple Sailor

The KISS principle is important to me (not that I’m good at following it, but its a goal I try to keep in mind). The Simple Sailor looks to have some good info scattered around, and is directly geared toward the non-commercialistic boating world.

I’m Roger Taylor, skipper of a little junk-rigged Corribee called Mingming. This is my website. Only time will tell what it will be about, but initially it will be about Mingming, her voyages and the principles of Simple Sailing that underpin my approach to ocean voyaging. I’ll also post, from time to time, pieces I have written about sailing issues in general.

I have put Simple Sailing in capital letters. This is to give it some importance. A title, if you like. Sailing is becoming a sport riddled with unnecessary complexity. This complexity is commercially driven. We are under severe marketing pressure to buy more and more gadgets, to buy ever bigger and more sophisticated yachts. The more we succumb to these pressures, the happier and more profitable the ‘marine industry’ becomes.

I have nothing against commerce. I am a businessman myself. I have nothing in principle against gadgetry. I don’t much like big yachts, for lots of reasons that will become clear as this website develops.

A lifetime of sailing has taught me to value simplicity and easy manageability in an ocean going yacht. That’s why I think of myself as a Simple Sailor and feel compelled to share the lessons I have learned.

The website is very much a work-in-progress. It will never be finished. I’m learning to do this from scratch, so it will take time. Be patient!

Jenny’s Journey

>>> Jenny’s Journey


Neat looking book about a great sounding cruise.

This is the author’s chronicle of exiting his familiar life, forsaking land and becoming a traveler on the sea. He shared your dreams, anxieties and questions. He had no ocean-going or large boat experience when he decided to make this change in his life. His adventure is testimony to the real possibility of living ‘The Dream’ and what you can expect along the way. It includes hundreds of stories about the challenges, magical moments in nature and wonderful people he embraced. It is also a cruising guide and unbiased account of his landfalls in the Pacific Northwest, California, west coast of Mexico, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Turks and Caicos and Bahamas. It includes a web site address that has Jenny’s routes and tracks in downloadable form that you can import into several electronic chart plotters. They show exactly where Jenny went and anchored and can relieve you of some of the tedious charting work and worry.