Classic Yacht Magazine new issue

Classic Yacht Magazine has their new third issue out. Of particular note to me is an article on electric boats.

Their photography is quite nice, page layout is good. I was very unsure of one of these "turn the page" format online magazines instead of just an HTML page, but it really seems well done and works well, even on a Linux box.

It still seems difficult to get to the current issue as a current subscriber. Unless you use the link they email to you as a subscriber, then you seem to have to re-subscribe. I don’t really understand that, but the content is worth checking out.

Restored Viking ship to sail North Sea

>>> Restored Viking ship to sail North Sea

Now that’s a classic

After 1,000 years, restored Viking ship to sail North Sea

An 11th-century Viking longship that has been reconstructed to its original condition will soon depart on a seven-week voyage from Denmark across the North Sea to her home port of Dublin, powered only by her sails.

The Havhingsten fra Glendalough (The Sea Stallion from Glendalough) is the largest Viking warship ever rebuilt.

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Restoration project?

Jim Konst dropped me a note concerning this old boat he ran across… if you’re in the Ohio area and feel like a big (BIG) project, might be worth stopping by and chatting with the owner. It’s alway great to see a boat saved from decay. I also suggested that Jim try the folks at Wooden Boat Rescue Foundation (this is a site that you should check out if you are interested in wooden boat restoration.

Bruce, this doesn’t seem to fit your criteria, as I am not the owner, nor do I represent him, but I saw this boat while driving through northern Ohio and it cries out for saving. It is on blocks, mast is included, and from a superficial glance, looks better than some.  I am guessing it is a six meter, but who knows? There is no sign on the boat saying that it is for sale, but it is displayed as if it were.  Somebody could drive up and ask, and make an offer.  It is unlikely that the boat is free, but it would be worth asking. I didn’t know who else to contact.

The boat is on Ohio Rt 20 east of Bellevue, about three quarters of a mile west of US 4 intersection. This is about fifteen mile SSE of Sandusky, Ohio.

Jim Konst

Electric Boat Association

>>> Electric Boat Association

The Electric Boat Association is a U.K. based, non-profit organization that any of us interested in electric power/electric boats should check out. They have a nice web site with vendor information (mostly geared around European suppliers, but in this internet age that’s easy to deal with), technical hints, member pages, information on solar installations, picture galleries, etc.

The technical section includes a couple of spreadsheets that you can download and use to help estimate electric power requirements for your boats.

The member’s section is definitely worth a look… some beautiful, classic craft shown here. Many turn of the century (we’re talking 1900’s not 2000’s :-)) boats. We often don’t remember the history of electric boating on the Thames.

The Thompson Dockside

>>> The Thompson Dockside

Another web gathering of classic boats… the gallery has a few pictures, and if you own a Thompson, Cruisers, T & T, Thompson by ChrisCraft or Grady White boat you might find some handy information here. The links page has a good collection of resources for the antique and classic boat hobbiest.

The Thompson Dockside is a quarterly newsletter dedicated to the preservation of Thompson Boats, and their affiliated companies.


>>> Steamlaunch

The Steam and Diesel Launch Page, build your own or buy ready to go!

If you at all like/appreciate the older, classic style boats, you owe it to yourself to check out this page. The Whio and Firefly designs are featured, with plans available. The forums had a long thread whose opening post (and many others) covered the Whio. Its a very pretty, and apparently very efficient design.