Pachoud Motor Yachts New Zealand

>>> Pachoud Motor Yachts New Zealand

Pachoud Yachts is a progressive boat building company specializing in the construction of epoxy composite motor yachts 15 – 50 metres in length. Dave Pachoud, started the business in 1987 in Rotorua. In 2000 Dave re-located the business to Tauranga, a prosperous city in a beautiful natural harbour on the East Coast of New Zealand’s North Island.

Some impressive yachts… lots of boatbuilding in New Zealand, seems like. Maybe someday I can visit that part of the world. Several friends have been there and spoken highly of it.


>>> ArrowCat


Another neat power catamaran… outboard powered and geared for "day-to-day" family boating. There are more of these kinds of boats out there than I thought.

The ArrowCat 30, a power catamaran designed for family boating, was first introduced to the New Zealand catamaran world as an alternative to the larger power catamaran yachts that are so common in the Cruising Cat “world”. Designed by acclaimed catamaran designer, Roger Hill, the ArrowCat 30 is a premium midsized family cruising catamaran.

Maxing Out

>>> Maxing Out

A huge site with lots of information and adventures. Various personal journals, photos, and "extras" with pictures and articles. Good for hours of vicarious learning and enjoyment.

Welcome to This website chronicles our adventures on board Exit Only, a twelve meter catamaran with over thirty thousand miles under her keels. Our voyage began in 1995 and although our circumnavigation is complete, the adventures of Exit Only continue. The journey is the destination.

MD Cats – Multihull Development

>>> MD Cats – Multihull Development

A commercial builder in Maine with some really nice looking boats. They include some outboard powered designs which I think is a very valid way of going (especially since I’m building an outboard powered boat :-)).

It may sound strange coming from a boat builder, but I still think that boating is not so much about the boat. It’s leading an active and healthy life immeresed in as much beauty as possible. I try to build boats that support this mission, without getting in your way in the process.

Russell Hunt, President